Teen Kills Brother, Loves TV Show 'Dexter': Life Imitating Art?


As for Conley's feelings about the show "Dexter," Connor told ABC News, "When a person is tormented already to begin with…they over-identify with the character and sometimes, in fantasy, act as if they are that person."

Even a life sentence in prison did not stop Conley's fascination with "Dexter." In a jail video that recorded the visit of a family friend, Conley asks about the show's most recent plot developments, peppering the friend with questions and comments such as "Whoa, and did Dexter kill Trinity?" and "So Dexter got arrested? Dang. That's cool."

Still, not everyone buys the connection between "Dexter" and Conner's murder. The family friend featured in the jail video, Beth Hurley, said, "In my mind it is just a show. Just a show. I watch it. My kids watch it…I didn't connect 'Dexter' to the act with Conner."

Conley Attempted Suicide

Despite all the unanswered questions about Andrew's behavior, one thing is clear: He admits to being deeply depressed, probably for years. In fact, he says he tried to kill himself long before he killed his brother. He said he tried hanging himself, overdosing on pills and chemicals and electrocuting himself in the bathtub.

"I put a space heater in the bathtub…it shocked me, but it just wasn't enough," he said.

Andrew's mother, Bridget, has never visited her son in prison.

"I think there are a lot of children and a lot of teenagers who are lost," Connor said. "And they're looking for an identification that they often find in the media."

Click here to watch the full interview with Andrew Conley on the latest full episode of "20/20."

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