Pregnant Afghan Child Faces Fatal Risk

Part 1: Every two hours in Afghanistan, woman dies from pregnancy complications.
8:54 | 12/16/11

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There is a fact that remains. Every ninety seconds a woman dies in childbirth someplace on this planet. That is a thousand women dying every day many of them very young who could be saved. And we're struck as we travel how many of them ask us what is it like in America. To women here also feel alone and afraid at the moment supposed to be filled with joy. Pregnant women around the world. Sending out a message about the wonder and hope of a new beginning or someone you love. Women like Christie's -- I'm on these hospital in Brooklyn who had just given birth to a -- -- -- girl -- her own. It isn't cutting. And. So this -- forced. From office and you're how old same sex at all today oh your -- -- it didn't. Which means she's giving birth about the average age American women have their first child. She's likely to have two children live a life stretching into her eighties. -- -- introduced Chris Tucker to a teenager in Afghanistan. Who has just given birth to her taking away. How are also booming -- Chris. The next hours all Christie's biggest concern before birth was whether she'd have to have a C section and this Afghan teenagers. Your biggest fear. When you knew you were going to had a pretty good -- homeland -- and ending. Our days. Very Mercury earth from. A young girl in Afghanistan there is no one in ten chance -- having a baby she will die. Nick Christophe columnist for the New York Times is written extensively about the dangers women face in childbirth it's a kind of Russian -- a lot of the world it's. A new Russian roulette except -- it's very much targeted to poor women to rural women to an educated women. And in into these places woman has more than a one in ten lifetime risk of dying in childbirth. That whole. Deaths from violence and terrorism is huge but for more people die in Afghanistan from childbirth. -- from Taliban bomb. Every day across the world to kind of battlefield. On which -- Poland. Thousand women who lost their lives. We know exactly how to save these -- it's not that we need some kind of new technological breakthrough. That question is are we going to make -- -- priority. And it wouldn't take much to make a big difference in the life of little girls who were forced to marry before the age of fifteen. The consequences can be our -- This girl says she was eight years old when -- You think six I was kind -- -- can to stop but he did it -- Any protests and only -- like this. He could want to be and it was calling the -- used continuing care. -- -- -- Afghanistan more than half of marriages involve child brides. -- married thirteen. Her bride price 2000 dollars the price to power. The younger the bride the higher the price because of the premium placed on virginity. Local -- once dreamed of being a teacher. Was pulled out of school -- anything from my mileage. Was to go to school. And I didn't want to get our. Now she is 157. Months pregnant and when we first -- -- nervous about what will happen. Who needs help tiny millions body is less than five feet tall black white and weighs about ninety pounds. -- as an average ten year old child in America. Her narrow hips and undergo -- body police -- in the dangers. The rules under the age of fifteen are five times more likely to die giving birth. Since physically. What that does to your risk when you are. Fifteen or younger so many of these girls and depth. In a marriage when their pelvis is aren't fully formed so they're much more likely to end. Having obstructed labor. And in many cases dying good morning. -- in a shelter in Afghanistan I asked these women a question how old were you. Harris jewels were married -- he says. Seniors those thirteen -- This -- continues. No matter the law says it's not legal and toll currently sixteen. Let me ask how many of them knew a woman who died in childbirth. Every hand was -- And again but those of us who on the -- -- to live in an hour. It's hard to imagine that 30% of the women in the world are giving birth likeness. No skill medical attendants. She's on the dirt floor and -- half. The village attendant tries to help but has no medical training so she keeps pushing down hard on the stomach of a pregnant woman. Trying to squeeze the baby out. Only 20% of the -- -- some person that knows anything about how to manage -- -- So easily and Rosanna that there will move -- patent -- instance I -- you you're alone in undergoing. Hemorrhage. What is it like they will -- -- -- -- but take a look at this hope and white dresses. Over the past ten years organizations like Chicago have assembled an army of young women giving them basic training as midwives. -- -- -- Today. Use the simple -- the students are taught how to deal with hemorrhaging. The number one cause of maternal mortality. Their pieces you can see how much they want to know how much they want to home. I'm day. Are made to support -- -- women. There are -- 3000 trained midwives dispersed across Afghanistan and according to a recent survey the number of women dying here because of childbirth is dropping. One and 111 in fifty. They're still far too many women dying that. One gets the sense that change is not only possible but to some degree inevitable candles from -- Candles are being -- all over so -- -- had fifteen year old girls who terrified about pregnancy. So many women shall give birth at home partly because of tradition and also. Lower paying for a -- that the clinic Mexican. From area no anti western -- Just hit. Continue -- blogs from the sterile raise. In the middle of the night -- and goes into labor. And lies on the floor frighten and confuse. Her baby is week. And it was wrapped in his -- -- -- -- they'd been given an immediate and Begin to warm -- tiny blue feet. And even though he weighs only five pounds -- -- little baby. Is healthy enough to live. Vulnerable and -- -- and a little. And to -- a teacher. -- -- her baby's life and her -- for her. News. Let's -- -- she's much more likely to stand and say no. I want to stay in school I don't want to get married. This is the ripple that starts the whole. It's a girl effect on his way back in the United States -- 26 year old American woman -- the dark. Since the message to a new mom on ruled -- Just want to make sure you can see little neon and from Afghanistan. A question comes back for -- The teeth and Danielle -- that law -- analysts. 8818 yanks can't help in happiness here -- -- -- -- Christine and her husband have something for harsh and talking about how much a few dollars can do for the women around the world. People can do three dollars and save the life of a woman -- Afghanistan Christie's husband and who dad is us every dollar. -- -- -- -- From me.

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{"id":15176167,"title":"Pregnant Afghan Child Faces Fatal Risk","duration":"8:54","description":"Part 1: Every two hours in Afghanistan, woman dies from pregnancy complications.","url":"/2020/video/afghanistan-pregnant-complications-baby-health-15176167","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}