Are Artists Gifted with Song or Downright Fake?

Act 5: Learning the music industry tricks to transforming voices and perfect live performances.
6:06 | 06/14/14

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Transcript for Are Artists Gifted with Song or Downright Fake?
To catch a fake continues, with fake music. Here's nick watt. Reporter: Is it too late to back out of this entire thing? I am one of the worst singers on this planet. That feel good? Listen. ? Coming home with me-e-e ? you are so full of it. Tonight this grammy nominated mix engineer -- That was great! my tuneless warbling -- ? I don't mean to come on strong ? Reporter: -- Into a saleable record, faking it with his computer. We use autotune, melodyne, eqs, compression, doublers, reverb, delays, um -- that's the majority of the tools we use to do the heavy lifting. Reporter: We're taking you on a journey into the murky world of what some consider fake singing. A world where Kanye west's voice is manipulated and Justin Bieber vomits on stage, while miraculously his voice continues on. Hmm. What's going on here? Now, with the technology that we have, you can be a singer without really singing. Reporter: Like these viral seenations. Selena Gomez, oops a daisy, falls off stage but her singing doesn't miss a beat. Miley Cyrus smooches Katy Perry, hang on -- how can she sing at the same time? If you decide to be a singer, you should be able to sing the songs that you're known for recording. Here's Shakira, a little out of time at the last soccer world cup. It's either lip synching -- miming essentially -- or a little trick called a performance track. The instruments, the backing vocals and pre-recorded lead vocals play in the background and -- So they're singing along with themselves, doubling themselves. It's kind of like karaoke in a way. Reporter: Live television events are a hotbed of such fakery. Who can forget Ashlee Simpson's "Saturday night live" lip synching debacle? Her song played on without her. ? ten years ago, this was shocking. Lip syncing was not something that the public really understood. It wasn't this ubiquitous term that it is now. Reporter: Now, it's everywhere. Country, all about real, is trying to hold out. Listen to this bold statement at the academy of country music awards this year. Everybody in here tonight is ready to listen to some great, amazing, live music. Reporter: But a little later, rascal flatts totally lip synced. They later blamed sore throats. Is it great to sing live whenever you can? Absolutely, but it is physically impossible sometimes to do. Reporter: Not every big time singer would agree. No, I don't think it's cool to lip sync. I think the artist should Have some pipes and sing their records. I think everyone who lip syncs in public on stage when you pay like 75 quid to see them should be shot. It's gotten to the point where savvy fans, like, this post-britney crowd just assume their favorite stars aren't really singing. It is hard singing and dancing at the same time and especially the caliber of moves that she's doing so I think it's excusable to lip sync. Shows have become so gargantuan in terms of production and dancing. How can you hold a note when you're twirling around in circles? Reporter: So, obviously pink was lip syncing at "The grammys" this year, right? When she's swinging around. She's not actually singing. Oh, she's totally singing. Reporter: Dreya weber is pink's aerialist coach and choreographer. Going from upside-down to laying back and up to standing, she's singing. Reporter: Pink has taken a stand. "I have never lip synched in my entire life. I'm 100% against it." Reporter: Taking that stand takes -- uh -- training like this. No one should have to sing from this position. I can't remember those words and pull myself up and spin around and not vomit all over the audience. Hats off to pink. Indeed. Reporter: Okay, so not all pop stars can sing like pink on stage. But can they at least sing in the studio? You're not creating pop stars out of tone deaf cheerleaders? No. That magic has to be there. You can't fake it. Reporter: Is studio trickery like autotune any worse than airbrushing fashion photos? Or cgi in movies? I can't quite decide. We're pushing the boundaries of our creative freedom. It is the lip gloss that we apply to just about every pop singer. ? I don't mean to come on strong ? Reporter: All right, so back to my recording. If he can make me sound like Neil diamond, then this technology has gone way too far. I've processed it as far as I can. Here I am in the raw after just 20 minutes of his mysterious magic? ? Need know if we're going steady or am I just one you keep around ? Reporter: The truth is you still need just a modicum of talent to become a star. I implore you to go home and practice some more and come back and we'll do some more songs together. ]

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{"id":24136828,"title":"Are Artists Gifted with Song or Downright Fake?","duration":"6:06","description":"Act 5: Learning the music industry tricks to transforming voices and perfect live performances.","url":"/2020/video/artists-gifted-song-downright-fake-24136828","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}