Caught in the Act: A Second Attack

Part 4: DNA evidence from a brave survivor helps police crack Forbes case.
7:11 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Caught in the Act: A Second Attack
He's the last known person to see nineteen year old Kenya mown -- alive. But despite his criminal past his Wafer thin alibi and his highly suspicious behavior caught on video. Travis Ford's remains at large we just didn't have the physical evidence. -- give us probable cause to -- things take time via. Time you don't have an extra level correct. -- family does what families of missing girls do they go on television put up posters and -- miracles do happen. In the two weeks after Kenya's disappearance. Something peculiar happens. If I had known then. -- -- -- -- -- -- I would've left Forbes goes on the local news and repeats his good samaritan story. That he'd offered Kenya a rise driven -- -- this gas station for cigarettes and that in her drunken stupor she walked off with some other random -- I'm sorry that I. That I was in different. I -- intervened more did you sexually assault her I didn't did you murder I did not. No confirmed this girl be what's her name and Kenyon that never -- -- want to kill him I want but that night. But he said that on that news story. What was her. Point kill him. The police start turning up the heat on -- two weeks later he takes a friend's car and takes off for Texas. Cops have him arrested in Austin for unauthorized use of a vehicle. Detective girl lay heads to Texas and uses the opportunity to interrogate Forbes in custody -- additional. Yeah you -- answer whoa yeah -- others detective girl lay explains to Forbes and his friends have been coming forward. Giving statements about him and Forbes looks defeated. I think he's realizing. They're doing their home. -- -- -- -- These prisoners -- Now. He's sorry hindsight yes and he injured but not for what happened to Kenya. For what happened to him -- Regret his record. My captured scenes. From that. The meandering interview last hours. Human being. The new -- But the detective isn't buying it because by now investigators have determined that some hair found in the back of the van these canyons. The -- had room something with force and take that here we. Yes Soviet. Not seeing that in my Elliott yeah. True. Business and Texas. I think he's yes -- -- -- -- My large presence. Commissioner. Cops take DNA samples would say they still don't have enough to charge him in Kenya's disappearance. -- fact even those car theft charges are dropped. -- wars is back on the street. They don't get -- how do you deal with -- Frustration. You know there's there you go through periods thinking that. An -- a damn thing. Months go by detective girl lay searches for a break in the case -- family tries to keep it together. -- never wavered from my wife for my kids. Could. And I view my moments to. Tell them -- Wal-Mart. Hello Wal-Mart she knows that. -- Privately. And then. On July 4 weekend emergency crews are called to a fire in this building at Fort Collins an hour north of Denver. Come upon the brutalized body of a woman named video Tillman as she had been it to. Act and then beaten then. Left for dead -- her apartment set on fire then she managed to jump second floor window to save herself. Curiously -- -- body had been doused with bleach and -- detective here -- about it he remembers that suspicious bleach bottle. Forbes had in the back of the bakery that's it. -- sounds like him you know he -- -- this is his thing. Video was in a coma for five weeks and she still fighting to regain her ability to speak. But while she was unconscious she was able to provide the evidence that would close the case. That's where they got to DNA. Travis fours. Under -- his fingers. And hop. Two and a half million stuff -- is charged in the attack on -- Tillman detective girl lay heads to Fort Collins and now. -- finally cracks he says -- I'll give you everything you the details of Kenya Libya. Just one deal and -- to life in prison Forbes confesses to -- -- -- strangling Kenya mown hay in the back of his van. Puts her body in the cool. She won't suit and so he keeps her into a fetal position. Using duct tape and he says he drives of nominates his deliveries. -- -- -- then he returns to the bakery puts her body in the freezer and cleans out the van with bleach. And then he starts burning items from the -- and everything that she's touched or he touched he burned. He says at that time he -- -- -- video and then. Goes back gets her out of the freezer. Forbes directs police to this secluded spot miles outside Denver where they find Kenya's remains. What he says it was. He like the trees and that someone would kill him that's where he wanted to there. Forbes said he met Lydia Tillman while using numerous fake names. And even though he knew he was under suspicion in Kenya's disappearance. Savagely attacked her in her apartment. After months of anguish became his family was finally able to bring her home. Always the hardest part for you. Knowing this and -- put on hold last minute when her friend again. He doesn't make sense anymore since she left. Then -- they'll be back here next week. And every week after the -- I want women to know that this could happen to you this is what can happen.

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{"id":14937427,"title":"Caught in the Act: A Second Attack","duration":"7:11","description":"Part 4: DNA evidence from a brave survivor helps police crack Forbes case.","url":"/2020/video/caught-act-attack-14937427","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}