I'm With Her

Part 5: "Biggest Loser" host Alison Sweeney married a Calif. highway patrolman.
4:12 | 02/03/12

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Transcript for I'm With Her
Hollywood continues -- Chris -- Brad and Angelina. Jay-Z and Beyonce. Star power walking arm and -- not every -- Lister opts for a celebrity co equal. From Scarlett Johansson and new -- Nate Miller to drew -- -- and new fiance will compliment. Some famous faces loves -- -- -- center of attention. Just ask Julia Roberts and husband Danny voter -- -- When writer Kristen she would siren Brooke Shields he created this sitcom based on their relationship. Gave that a perfect -- time with her. Guys on and -- would -- -- plus bird like you're into the spotlight. Britney's case fox. But -- -- time with -- winner's check the biggest -- -- about your hard -- let's get started. Host and actress Alison Sweeney convince the sense of as Cindy Brady on days of -- -- and magazine covers and on the red carpet where she's accompanied by an I'm with her all star. Husband Dave sent -- -- -- -- Why is so reluctant to us strut your stuff on the red carpet on the way to valleys obviously say that's not my thing. She's -- -- -- your smile did you hear that -- it's true he really did not enjoy being on camera as she had to drag me in his inner. That work -- carries a gun but now -- events he carries. Something else entirely. I hold the purse and everything else behind the -- as he left. -- a little bit too hard at that scene and forgetting Sarah Marshall. She's going to all the red carpet he's the boyfriend -- I always holding the -- -- thought that was snow fighting at had to stop in the handling. Negative. Welcome. -- -- normally wearing is a California Highway Patrol uniform. This. Do you have punch quality -- But the -- the gimme the punch the -- Catholic. -- -- -- He's a top interrogator. Admired for his work ethic and his spouse. I became a lot more a lot more street -- out -- -- our -- People sandy you'd do -- you really a dream I think right and it's true. It's true at first the -- was Alex who was the girl swoon for the older days. Ice chasing around their swimming pool. Designers -- here. I was in charge of babysitting her and I and I'm not that it -- excited about the job at the time. Years later -- had become known for her so characters and past -- within the -- long lost days spotted each other at a party. But then when I saw her for the first time out to those years had passed -- quite good quite a big difference. We wearing uniforms are actually battle. Ten -- since shows that her and -- big bear it didn't hurt. -- it didn't take long. They were married on July 8 2000. When it comes to showing up -- other fancy events. -- -- -- hope that happened happen. -- -- lured they have out for a glamorous thing I pick my battles I Tuesday events that I really want him to come to -- it -- trying to pitch it to him. Allison is the author of the healthy lifestyle book the mommy -- -- -- eleven years and two kids. Then nearly seven and three year old -- this clearly doesn't need to dress up to have a lot of -- -- -- the limelight they have outside shot at coloring alleys -- Get out of there aren't out of my -- And I thought I resent that.

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{"id":15511571,"title":"I'm With Her","duration":"4:12","description":"Part 5: \"Biggest Loser\" host Alison Sweeney married a Calif. highway patrolman.","url":"/2020/video/celebrity-relationships-marriage-hollywood-15511571","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}