Courting at Home-Schooling Conference

Part 3: Bateses eldest son Zach's courtship to a girl becomes a family affair.
8:22 | 08/24/11

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Transcript for Courting at Home-Schooling Conference
They even started -- -- 68. On their road trip to Texas debates are waiting out a dangerous tornado yet. For awhile passed the family huddles in a hotel bathroom. Even the grown children -- in tears. Yeah. Yeah me -- around. And they learn from TV reports that the danger has passed. We're. People -- Foster homes or cars. Leaving room and revenues operating rules to protect us updated. They've piled back into the thing. After a few more pit stops along the road. Okay it's what -- soft tacos. -- -- -- At 1:30 in the morning. Two harrowing days after they left Knoxville. -- and a diet debates arrive at the conference center in big sandy Texas. Hello. Thanks very good. The next day begins with seeing old friends again. Well the joggers. The most famous mega family in America. The joggers have become celebrities thanks to their popular reality show nineteen kids and counting and people are saying that the families with 910 children are very common. Those -- that compared you've got it's that's not take up residence. The women here. 37 children between the two view it -- -- and hang up. It's -- if they're friendly competitors to be the biggest family in America. The -- are often guest stars on their -- -- -- And yeah yeah yeah yeah. I don't drive it until I got you got -- -- -- management throughout. -- this incredible. -- no one is the next day. -- and. You know I'm. There's so much action going on here it's crazy. Hundreds of families like them gather here once a year to reinforce their face and their values and into the -- I think we're -- in for a big treat this week just. Just how alike and -- once -- -- annual meeting that they -- just like a shot in the arm to encourage you. As a fame went to -- -- my priorities and your com. Things are getting out Clay County Armani instead stay -- and I. Girls sing songs about half the housework. While the boys. Focus on physical discipline. And a good if you don't drop out of a flag on the -- not. Keep your T shirt and -- and get jobs. Did teaching me OK I. That's an environmental thank her only -- sometimes -- fakes like a thirty year old in nine narrow body does not apply to her. Army -- you some. Slight -- there -- not. Did it girls don't want to repel and do the things that the boys are doing when I first K -- I mean there was a little bit -- sexism -- the girls are endorsing and sons and the boys are outside -- -- all the fun. He Abbott girls every year so you only get -- now. And -- yes that need to be a suggestion that -- Mac. Like debates the dog -- drove to the conference too but they have a slightly more luxurious set of wheels. This is like a rock stars you know. Except with sleeping toddlers. That is not one of her many daughters it's her first grand daughter son Josh is the only married Kidd denied a big family. Johnson his pregnant wife met at the conference a few years ago. It's actually ask my dad when a relationship blossoms it's called courting. There's there's many different definitions of courtship for us. In minutes really choosing -- choosing to wait for a lot of things that people would take for granted -- our first kids without letting it. Wow bell OK that's what it right -- Qaeda. -- -- -- romance was chronicled on the Douglas reality show where the gates were guests at the wedding. Yeah yeah. It'll be another year before their next family vacationed together in big sandy. Where their own kids might just end up -- that special person. Quicksand as far as the hot here is exciting. And -- -- -- children coming violent incident practice which have been found death. Teaching and preparing for their whole -- and then that. Grand babies and then their kids are never happy nest Irene is just this -- son -- and. All their kids live at home including affording college but it may not be long before one of the -- leaves the next. -- -- -- After being smitten by a family friend that -- -- Her playing the banjo a nervous -- is about to ask a bluegrass musician to court. Bring. Yeah. Back as Alice Christ when he came hate yes satellite and this year as a -- -- -- aren't they canyons and -- saying. It's. His courtship. Is a family affair. -- -- He didn't. He may be mumbling but what he's saying he is my heart he's drawn to York's. Mind -- when they're courting there's no hand holding no touching. And definitely no kissing it should not mean -- you. -- yeah. For the other older -- kids there are no plans to leave home anytime soon my Collette as -- as -- RR and hammer saying. Shares Atlantis -- -- concerned about people's balance. Though she's taking college classes and volunteers as a paramedic. Michael -- won't be married off until a suitor comes calling. At sixteen her appearance turn one away because she was too young -- -- 21 she's content to wait. I didn't laundry icu with a baby on your -- all the time. What explains that just a lot of kids -- -- favorite thing continue coop. Foot and so when at what point do you. Move on. Its move out get your own family. I mean I visited -- -- -- -- a -- I love being here so much to the naked human slap. We don't see then made to rest -- to get your -- com. Spend more -- than you normally would be along the when you can have this team spirit together happening sather. Just how can they afford it shoe -- secrets to consignment shopping. Making clothes at home and buying. All those kids are threatening me three dollars -- --

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{"id":16982673,"title":"Courting at Home-Schooling Conference","duration":"8:22","description":"Part 3: Bateses eldest son Zach's courtship to a girl becomes a family affair.","url":"/2020/video/courting-home-schooling-conference-16982673","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}