Death Down Under: Gabe Watson Speaks

Part 1: The man labeled the "Honeymoon Killer" tells how he and Tina met.
3:00 | 03/02/12

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Transcript for Death Down Under: Gabe Watson Speaks
It's -- headlines around the world and even more headlines just over a week ago. When an Alabama judge threw out murder charges against Gabe Watson once called the honeymoon killer. For eight years now Gabe Watson has never spoken publicly about what happened. Even his late wife's family has never heard him speak. Until tonight when he finally breaks his silence. And even though he's been judged innocent what is it about his behavior that still -- so many people to believe otherwise. About that mysterious death down under. There was Brian it was something. Really nice. -- -- -- Whose personal matter now. 26 year old Gabe Watson of Birmingham Alabama is following Tina -- Watson. His new bride of just eleven days into the deep Coral Sea. Fifteen miles off the coast of Australia. This is the honeymoon they -- always dreamed up and then. We were maybe 20/20 five feet away my girl and she just kind of turned. And looked at me. I -- realize that this is not a good situation what was she doing she was sinking. -- -- -- -- you have also. I gave -- few ticks down to see talking forever she was -- out of arm's reach. Why did you turn away from her moment. I don't know. Since that fateful day in 2003 he has been labeled a murderer he was arrested for the murder of his wife Tina for the second time. Prosecuted on two continents Alabama investigated this case Australia investigated this case. They came to the same conclusion given -- and the opportunities. Because Tina never made it to the surface alive. And what Gaye did or didn't do that day remains the subject of intense speculation. You -- think -- your door. -- for her honeymoon and her husband would kill -- Through it all for almost a decade Gabe Watson has remained silent about Tina about what. Water five minutes in fifty seconds that changed his life and ended hurts. Tonight he breaks his silence and answers his many accusers. I don't know ever be -- for it. Minimal pain and her home handed over this is something you live with for the rest of your life and is not summed it. He set me 24/7. But there's always going to be. Some -- under deep Watson wants his story heard in his words. A love story which started in -- business class on the campus of the University of Alabama at Birmingham it was one of those classes where we -- to make up a company. And make up of products and now our product was custom made towards its custom made toilet seat and that's quite a -- -- -- death. Outside the -- they graduated from friends to romance and gave says Tina was the complete package -- -- shifts and beautiful. The perfect compliment for a shy man like consults. She was definitely life of the party there were no strangers. Notion when she was -- -- those pretty cool because I'm. I'm a little more reserved. How long did it take before your strength marriage. I think probably within six months you know -- we. Just common and. But Tina's friends and Stanley didn't share her enthusiasm about gave her father Tommy son gave his awkward aloof and oddly controlling. I remember -- -- and and I came in and she was on the phone I just put it in the Norton. Torah loader and a sweater she came upstairs and she was upset and crying and she said that he had hung up -- -- she gets -- threatened him. So it just seem like strange behavior to me. Friends like Melinda -- and -- two. Before they got engaged he can actually bought the -- and what -- -- talker whether you know like if you know about it if you behave yourself or whatever then. One day you'll have that -- on your hands and there was no -- about it but it was just a matter of. Finding the right Tom to. Make it memorable and special. But if any that bothered Tina she never let it show and soon that Reid was hers so had to -- her -- she. -- -- -- -- -- -- And so I typed up we -- and shutting down and little egg Toshiba did her Easter Egg Hunt and she discovered that his site. I'm -- seriously and four -- -- pocket and -- she was beside herself happy thrilled. Had she dreamed about her wedding I guess -- yet she always want to be the princess. The princess bride. When you saw her coming down the hell had a child development isn't I did everything and -- so as not to tear up. But the last scenes we see if you that the wedding is -- Tina leaving the reception she seems almost a peacekeeping alongside you. I think we're probably both looking at that point and I remember thinking -- Have a -- airlines can't wait to hear about your dream -- man. And that's plus plus aren't you -- became. -- the camera back. -- -- -- That dream honeymoon would bring Tina and -- across the world to Australia. And everywhere at all anyway just kids can. The trip would start in Sydney then a seven night cruise aboard the spoil sport a luxury dive -- run by well known Mike all expeditions. Gave had a passion for diving and -- learn to die with him specifically with this trip she did it for you from. Was she trying to please -- it was a hobby that I really enjoyed. And I think she thought. Going to be a really -- army to do as well we surprised to hear that she was gonna try to get the dining she didn't tell me that it's -- freaked her out. That it did scare her. In fact Tina had panicked while she was taking lessons with -- scuba instructor. But her fears didn't -- her excitement they had time to trip to line -- -- sea turtle migration. Something Tina was anxious to see if -- like -- you've gotta go Great Barrier Reef. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And she is excited to see -- -- very much. The newlyweds -- at the coast from Sydney they are welcomed aboard the cruise with champagne. The honeymooners toasted by fellow passengers within half an hour. We're -- BFF with everybody on both. But as the sun -- over the Pacific and the new friends parting ways to their cabins no one aboard could imagine what lay on the horizon.

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{"id":15838613,"title":"Death Down Under: Gabe Watson Speaks ","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 1: The man labeled the \"Honeymoon Killer\" tells how he and Tina met.","url":"/2020/video/death-gabe-watson-speaks-15838613","section":"2020","mediaType":"us only 08"}