Death Down Under: A Shocking Conclusion

Part 6: Watson goes free -- and we ask scuba experts what they think.
3:00 | 03/02/12

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Transcript for Death Down Under: A Shocking Conclusion
Last week as prosecutors wrapped up their case against Gabe Watson. Judge Tom -- did something almost unprecedented. Yes. Fifteen -- It does look good. -- -- The judge who runs out the case before the defense ever pulls its first witness. It would be alone. -- Consideration it's. Dismissed. Watson has been cleared of today's judge in Alabama abruptly sensational -- -- the infamous honeymoon -- a trolley case is finished Gabe Watson can never faced charges for Tina's death. Again tell me about that moment. And we -- is that if we're this weekend I was I was some -- -- -- I was I was in shock. But even judge -- while tossing out the case. Suggested that a lingering mystery still surrounds Tina Watson's death -- -- We're. We brought -- Not everyone agrees. The judge made one. Wrong comment and that is we will never know how this happened we know almost minute by minute what happened. Doctor -- I've -- specializes in died medicine and examine the case for the defense. After analyzing both Tina and -- dive computers he says he knows exactly what happened. It all fits together as a fairly common ground and had. Doctor Atkins is the first minute fifteen is diversity of -- -- normal. He believes a fatal mistake had been made and -- diving equipment was too heavy for her. He says when she let go of the anchor line that extra weight -- her to seek involuntarily. And then to panic because -- -- from against the current. She's existence -- greatly and we know that because -- consumption which. And believe that the refusals -- -- can. The panic sets off a deadly chain reaction Tina begins grieving too rapidly take -- water through the regulator in her mouth. -- -- -- -- We loses consciousness seeking to the ocean floor this -- -- to the -- She was. Doing and dive to a -- that she'd never -- into the -- In conditions she'd never experienced meaningful. Her autopsy shows Tina drowned. The most common cause of death among novice divers tragic yes but Edmunds says a far cry from foul play. But he reserves his harshest criticism for those two fellow divers. Who so publicly cast suspicion on -- story. I said that. There's no way that could have happened they went to the place where that story. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- These two people had stopped -- the whole boom wrong. None of that changes the mind however of truly king. If you could say anything to -- Watson what you say. I guess I would just congratulate. -- -- he got -- why she didn't have to stand and face the charges he was that he was charged with. A squad. Tommy Thomas also remain steadfast in his belief that. Got an. He still fervently believe you're guilty I think -- was -- penalty for the -- The people that I love the people with love me. Don't think you. And there are people who love him not just his parents but a new -- -- and wondered. In August 2008 before going to prison in Australia for Tina's death Watson fell in love and remarried. -- second one is Kim Lewis. The vice principal of -- middle school. How does it change. A person. To get married the first time. Lose your -- Eleven days later. To go back out on that ledge. And make that promise to a second person. I don't what it really describe it is just you don't take any second for couldn't. He knows that. Any day any second -- -- together so -- -- to enjoy -- -- every second yet again.

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{"id":15838618,"title":"Death Down Under: A Shocking Conclusion","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 6: Watson goes free -- and we ask scuba experts what they think.","url":"/2020/video/death-shocking-conclusion-15838618","section":"2020","mediaType":"us only 08"}