Never-Ending Battle of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Act 5: The possibility of relapsing back into previously overcome fears.
3:00 | 11/16/13

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Transcript for Never-Ending Battle of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
After spending nearly half the year -- away from her own family. Richard if he's finally back calling its it was a trademark smile she so often flashed. It's not about Monica and I am moving back home side get this thing lights. False -- cheering -- deal with the same family that she was once who terrified. Terrified that they would contaminate. To take just two -- room. I give us a little more on the floor here. This here -- nicely here. -- I can't -- a blanket because. I don't who has just like this before I think that that's -- which is actually -- he thought it had backed. She tells us sleeping with a bathroom on the floor still better than moving away from home. And -- every day remembers doctor -- -- Get a face if if it's flying into the darkness. But flying into the darkness still isn't as easy as it sounds she teaches students how stupid do we -- she -- She tells us she can't -- when. You feel -- its combat. It. I'm very important thing and making it look like going to get that my mom -- -- -- did you notice an island and the -- -- athletics. Imam did you notice. It yeah. Necessity. Comes and hurricane on the five minutes and that yet. Now Burgess admits she can't beat herself -- into the -- at all it is a major step back and decent pressure from other parents who might say why -- -- me. Immediately she's not ready and that's a horrible it is to see someone you know go through we noticed her brother sitting inside the -- He's nineteen and he knows his sister. You -- tormented by fear I'm curious what goes through your mind mr. watching. You simply struggled -- this. We know that this isn't her fault you know I think that there's probably a point when she thought that -- you. Read we're blaming -- for -- and that's definitely not the case me he told us he's -- -- -- sister and out of his mother helped her to get here. Do you feel sorry for your model given what she's been through. Full I always knew that if if -- -- arrested at a sit at a level hosted the nicest person in the world and you know statement went on that in itself -- difficult process for her and I think she's. The woman and I. I'm glad she's -- -- They are all taking it one -- the time. Well for Michelle says time has arrived at home she still -- Please take a -- all of those kids looking for the fourteen year old who wants couldn't get out of pearl helps shell -- -- for hours. -- teenager who couldn't step inside her own school terrified of the locker room. The fourteen year old who couldn't go shopping. Now after all of that on the other side of the dance floor. We found this. Show dancing the friends. And just outside her mother out of sight. Wondering if her daughter out of the woods. She's tearing up the dance floor now really on the dance floor off that's -- big. -- -- -- -- And so its -- Value. Made me. It was still one final tests back. Moment even we thought unimaginable. This journey began. Bridget is about to get into the front seat of the car with her mother. Something she could do just a few months ago we were they going. Who -- to assume that the water so loved as a little girl. And the mother and told she -- 181000. Miles driving back and forth to grandma's house for -- was living. He's got great with the shorter trips grateful to have her daughter that break in the front seat -- -- weddings -- told us it is hard to believe she's here. We initially the butterfly also is a butterfly half an ounce down yeah we were there. The day you told doctor way. That you were going through this therapies it's going again. We're here and yeah. -- -- -- That would be fair. Butterfly -- come back to life. For the mother. Never gave up. -- -- -- Every person that's ever been going to -- a story about whether. That's up from a friend about it -- talk to national -- about and its battery thing. Day by day person -- listening true believer. There is hope an -- look back now. That's the biggest things in -- deal pulling back if you fight. -- -- -- Yeah. For all of these children it took months of excruciating therapy for them to break away from their OCB. Tonight we salute their bravery and their willingness to take a -- on the journey. But behind every one of these success stories -- say there are countless other children waiting for the right kind of help you can find more information at

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{"id":20911768,"title":"Never-Ending Battle of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 5: The possibility of relapsing back into previously overcome fears.","url":"/2020/video/ending-battle-obsessive-compulsive-disorder-20911768","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}