Endless Love

Part 3: Inside Gene Simmon's and Donny Osmond's successful marriages.
6:41 | 02/03/12

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Hollywood returns with Deborah Roberts. Hollywood may be the land of the ten minute marriage but these sidewalks are also paid the more than a few stars who found long lasting -- Warren -- -- -- -- city John Travolta and Kelly Preston. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson all members of the twenty year love. I would say Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are probably the gold standard of Hollywood marriages. He seemed to really work well together they love to go how they always seem happy. This stories of celebrity couples who manage to stay together for the long haul are as different as the music of strait laced former teen idol Donny Osmond. Reports. Separation. It will not happen in the -- -- that relationship. Just thrown hard rocker Gene Simmons of the band hits for decades. -- -- -- Pollution control. Simmons an actress and former Playboy playmate Shannon Tweed had already been living together for years when he appeared on Oprah in 1987. You know how many women news outlets say in the past five years. Five years -- over the last ten years yes okay ten or 2000. They were still together fifteen years later when he updated his stats on national public radio -- had 4600. Sexually as liaisons original -- so far. So far. Right was -- point where you thought you would leave I thought I might leave after the kids had gone to college. I know it's old fashioned and on the net I think it -- -- best thing for us. For 28 years they lived here in a 161000. Square foot Beverly Hills mansion. Stacked with two decades of decadence in memorabilia and merchandise. Is just -- -- collected over the years -- to -- your company makes we have everything from kiss condoms to kiss caskets but the trappings of his success are also reminders of her pain. All of -- on public display in -- reality TV show Gene Simmons family jewels. Every sordid details. Including this moment last summer Alan -- a better way when Shannon declared she'd finally had enough of -- one denied. It. Throwing you to be in line with me and not other people and. We'll have that back -- -- so. I was willing to walk away. And you -- it. His polar opposite Donny Osmond also finds that celebrity life is full of opportunities to -- I work in Las Vegas. Temptations that are very. Even for squeaky clean Mormon. Costin was a teen heartthrob -- -- met and married Debbie. Former global Utah high school cheerleader how long have you been going strong. We're going 34 years on the Amy Holmes doesn't mean you have David yeah. One of the secrets to their long lasting love fight temptation with focus. You have a menu. There's a lot of things on the menu she's the only -- on the menu for me. That's nice to hear and is ninth and you know Larry I think that's part of any slamming into its place John because -- completely trust him. An -- the call me -- spent a lot of time part and man that's -- and get hit. Donny and Deby raised five sons and small town Utah with almost zero public exposure is actually taking this relationship out of that Hollywood glare I think that's one thing and a sometimes I think grant him. Our relationship and our home life. There's not an open book my career is. But what happens in our home and Howard raise our children and how we treat each other it is pretty sacred. And belongs to us and and that's all. Another heated very enduring relationship may be -- -- never worked in show business consider how runaway famous caused so many of Hollywood's leading ladies and -- wait for marriage. It's called the best actress -- like Julia Roberts her relationship dissolved after she won best actress for -- brought that same thing for Reese Witherspoon. -- -- -- -- -- -- And if there was an Oscar for exceptional tolerance -- he would win it hands down. From voting -- Gene Simmons thousands of other women and the jokes -- back Jane. But my -- -- much much -- not so much to -- and seeded Djokovic since joke. Clothes and show you. -- -- -- But last year with Shannon ready to walk out but that's -- do it was time to change his ways -- else. -- am sick of seeing particularly effective new -- and -- loser or. And I couldn't do that. So -- a romantic beach and believes he promises for the first time to be faithful. -- -- the question. And last October. They tied the -- What does if it holds you together even with all of the -- I think. Basically you if you stayed together for -- love. And then if there's enough love you work time. Whatever it is that's tearing apart. Somehow today they -- comfortable with typical family hanging out in the kitchen when their son -- teasing mom about her tight leggings. There -- suffering whether -- You've heard this protest America now she wears a leather pants in this family while he learns to talk about his feeling. And it's difficult for me to verbalize stuff -- be emotional abuse sort of say what's on my mind what's in my heart if she left I think I'd lose my lover my best friend. -- -- Your romantic. He's -- romantic. And Nolan seem -- side like why wait fifth -- T all I -- not -- -- not there's more to him and that. And in doing Hollywood relationship. In spite of -- off. The -- and the Playboy playmate now insist they're in this for the long haul. -- -- -- -- -- Oh.

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{"id":15511501,"title":"Endless Love","duration":"6:41","description":"Part 3: Inside Gene Simmon's and Donny Osmond's successful marriages.","url":"/2020/video/endless-love-15511501","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}