'General Hospital': Famous Faces

Part 2: Elizabeth Taylor and James Franco did cameos, and Demi Moore was on before she was a star.
7:10 | 04/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'General Hospital': Famous Faces
Welcome back where here in the quarter main mansion I hope I don't run into Traci she scares me. But it would be fun to run into James frank -- to mean more some of the most famous faces and Hollywood have passed through port Charles. Many got their start right here on general hospital. Others were -- stars before they even checked again. -- Fascinating. In 1980 he -- nineteen year old got her first big break on general hospital. -- -- -- -- -- -- The new -- be about a thousand other actresses for the role of the -- Jackie Templeton and that's what she's human yelling for help me. Choose a lot of fun -- for little wacky. Free spirit through. But when her first job. -- -- biggest role before G aged. Believe in the horror film. -- night. And she's not the only thing. These hospital afterwards. She went from your -- won't have long been an emotional. Roseanne Barr. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- George to -- your Star Trek just gone through and -- people six just like. Luke Skywalker himself. Mark -- Even TV legend Milton -- myself I can't make it through today. All in here are some obvious pain and every -- their first wall finish went -- for stardom. The divers Richard dean Anderson got started this show. In conformity with its. Fairy tale red PJ is -- -- -- Nelson didn't we Allen has no protest. As did the future is Joan of Arcadia -- handling. Just twelve when she was spotted by GHT director mark Taschner. She -- for the role of deadly quarter remains she hadn't done anything professionally. -- -- And there was something incredibly exquisite about her acting. -- -- here. What can do -- Richard Simmons appeared on the show after a chance meeting with NBC executives. I was sitting at a time. He didn't do when you're the one that was really -- can -- the exercise. Again she says they're going to be. A general. In the fitness craze eighty that he kept the nurses at general hospital in shape. Recently he green visited port Charles -- -- all want the ball you. Simmons knows he has general hospital's -- for an early premier foods. It was a precious. Few Francis simply -- -- young girls and okay. Many stars he's general hospital as their lean into prime time. Jonathan Jackson making music on national -- these days on the board that he was breaking hearts -- -- It's -- -- He read from me when -- Eleven or twelve years old and the fact that time I thought it was the most special kid I've ever met. It's not too -- to back. -- -- stands and onto dynasty. Janine Turner in northern exposure. Can having -- around and Kristin Davis -- -- Sex and the City. Sometimes I can feel it. General hospital -- Cameos also give -- a chance to play against -- In 2000 new home in the -- founding -- Late cellist Jennifer Smith who kidnapped blue velour and an attempt to get clued in to marry her then if you don't want -- winning. A killer first in the -- me it's of the great punches Gary Williams -- con man named Hannibal. Stand on the threshold of started walking over nearly 500 dollars. Meredith Vieira that -- hosted the view that played the madam of an upscale prostitution ring and he didn't just work for me. Grocery money. And recently. -- -- -- -- -- Latest serial killer -- cutting -- He came and and we threw a lot of material about him because we only items for a limited amount of time so he wish -- episode after episode in one day. It's. So we didn't quite work out and he did a great job of playing. -- -- But the biggest RGH cameo came at the height of the Luke and Laura wedding phenomenon. I want to see. Kind of man -- -- Can imagine that -- must -- my husband. Elizabeth Taylor was a self proclaimed super -- who asked the show bring gas -- Her five episode appearance as a millionaire widow Elaine it -- a dying. Culminated with her -- the first time -- -- -- during their wedding. Did you guys become close you -- at one point. -- to -- sort of. -- -- -- well there's some kind of early Coleman of flying over the last two years rilya. Now spend a lot of time doing things. Thanks. Regular stuff people just. Really you played -- moment of them. And she was terrible night when she had wonderful time doing. What kind of doctor -- you. -- -- -- all these cameos rethinking their. -- on myself. His comments on your mother. Sorry -- we have -- sorry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the only -- -- deal is.

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{"id":18898446,"title":"'General Hospital': Famous Faces","duration":"7:10","description":"Part 2: Elizabeth Taylor and James Franco did cameos, and Demi Moore was on before she was a star.","url":"/2020/video/general-hospital-famous-faces-18898446","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}