Hair Model Stricken With Alopecia

Aspiring actress Georgia Van Cuylenburg chronicles struggle with alopecia.
1:14 | 03/11/12

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Transcript for Hair Model Stricken With Alopecia
Imagine that the part of yourself of which you were most proud the part of yourself in fact upon which you based your entire career. Was suddenly taken away from you by a mysterious disease. How would you come. Everywhere you look we are culture obsessed with hair. Nowhere is -- more important to teens -- Hollywood where good hair in the months. So for an aspiring actors like -- and Wallenberg Ers success has particularly challenging -- She is. Even Clinton industry -- Here's how much. I think it's very irony because I easily say you know here's one thing -- -- and now angrily that that's that's. Now -- Its way I mean this is my -- took. That like five million others in this country Georgia's suffers from -- he -- An autoimmune disease that causes sudden and often unpredictable hair loss. Are those -- -- at and they're -- and eyelashes. I have three of my actions. And -- -- you have body hair I have a little bit about. This. -- Growing up in her native Australia Georgia was always insecure about the way she looked. But the one thing she loved about herself was her beautiful hair. In fact she became a hair model. My parent define my beauty -- that it is my calling pat you felt like your hair was your best feature. They like amazing hair that was literally like I had natural blonde highlights the kind of -- that women -- lots -- money for. At eighteen Georgia moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. Soon she was appearing in advertisements. And she got a heart on -- kids show when it was doing voiceovers for major videogame small. But -- mourning the former -- model would wake up to her worst nightmare. She would lose her most prized accent -- said it started 1 morning rush hour in the shower at the fight for my hands just. Instead of like raping and just brought out the hair would just -- hands stifles hair. -- in Georgia struggled to come to grips with the horror of losing -- hair. -- through it all she and her then boyfriend began filming her most vulnerable moments. Best okay. It would later become a documentary. -- -- -- -- -- -- People balls and don't telling line. It will -- -- very -- people judge you will see -- -- they weren't hiring you you know metalworking. As a -- -- won't catch me an application. That insiders have been that's -- -- she was very vulnerable. She was confused she was trying to find answers. -- Gibson a former actress also has -- Asia this just isn't and she became close friends with Georgia while designing wigs for her. I think for a woman she immediately feel stripped. Of her femininity. Healing the shame and embarrassment. -- -- -- he shot a secret wearing a weak even to auditions. And she would go to agonizing links to get her hair back. First trying acupuncture. The -- -- was definitely much painful. It's unbelievable what you endured. It looks like she's literally hammering your head with nails and -- -- saving -- on and they just -- it across the scout. This is so much pain is it worth it. Georgia would choose to endure another excruciating treatment -- an appointment on her head every night that burned her scalp. In hopes of creating new hair -- Conceived so we'll explain. My name is spending so much my back so -- school. At one point -- -- -- back -- your head and it's it's rock yeah and it looks like it's been boiled. It's difficult to launch it was never. Look how -- I -- it was more about. I want people and yet how much we try it. Do something and how much will go through to have hair he had to have hand me. Physical pain toward -- the low points whereas like this is meticulous. -- It's not worth going through this pain anymore -- need to be honest and email -- Slowly it began to crystallize for Georgia that her desperate efforts weren't working. You made a decision at some point after you've lost. And vast majority of your hair to -- It was hard to do it looks like it was it was a huge -- -- -- that very first moment that beside yourself -- -- -- -- what did you think holy. -- -- -- -- -- -- But just as Georgia began to accept her hair loss -- hair began to reappear giving her new home. -- and keep coming back conclude. -- Here is coming back. Georgia would return to the very -- lawn where she was once -- model or picture still up on the walls in the -- -- -- -- cut to make in the really. But her new haircut would conjure up unexpected emotions. I coming here cut today. Every hiccup for the fifth time in hot. A bloody -- well. I don't feel beautiful I don't feel sexy I don't feel like -- Kenny -- me -- -- is me or anything. This -- so emotional for you -- have Harrington and that he doesn't look like me in was a real. Shock us. I don't feel beautiful right now and I thought when I got -- But it's human -- chairs are not super human I put that upon myself that I had to raise her teaching me and I wasn't. In the shower this morning and -- little clumps. Enhanced. Georgia didn't have long to dwell on the length of her hair and the scourge of her disease would strike again. He goes and now. Again she would have to figure out how to cope. But this time her emotions wouldn't be dictated by the random cycles of the disease this time she would take control. Pretty soon -- -- got the funds and is only as having trouble keeping -- guns is just aren't very many. -- -- My only option was stuff that's simpler than -- me. -- -- -- -- -- Didn't want me. -- you need a little help to see the practice time. And sharing my story with them and magically. As I was helping them they -- the -- it. For Georgia it had been a long and arduous journey but now instead of viewing her disease is a burden. She would start to see him as an amazing yet. Okay and. This is my role and that you bought my -- can actually do to help others he's way more important and feeling sorry for myself. There's so many years in my life I wanted to be noticeable actress from the comedian -- that the pretty girl. And when I realize that my strength is being honest places that only gave -- to me. -- -- Well she is inspiring and beautiful with or without her hair. Thanks so much for joining us and stay tuned for the next edition of my extreme affliction right after these messages and. I'm Phil Mickelson pro golfer if you have painful swollen joints I've been in issues. One day -- on top of the world. That's not saying I have this they -- -- -- arthritis had some intense pain it progressively got worse by rheumatologist only about him. I'm surprised how quickly my symptoms have -- and it. Because general -- your immune system it may lower your ability to fight infections serious sometimes fatal events including infections tuberculosis in Omaha other cancers and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred before starting.

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{"id":15898178,"title":"Hair Model Stricken With Alopecia","duration":"1:14","description":"Aspiring actress Georgia Van Cuylenburg chronicles struggle with alopecia.","url":"/2020/video/hair-model-stricken-alopecia-actress-georgia-van-cuylenburg-2020-15898178","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}