Honeymoon Horror: What Really Happened?

Gabe Watson recalls dive that killed his wife; watch tonight, 10 p.m. ET.
1:29 | 03/02/12

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Transcript for Honeymoon Horror: What Really Happened?
Did Tina seem nervous. Not to mention coming. Seems excited I was excited we were radio to the ever say to you you should have an orientation I was whenever signs that. I never knew the -- not been in the ocean before you didn't know she'd never been in the him -- bikini and changed your mind you know back to you ever ask her now. -- Now at a -- his -- is never -- and it's astonishing to me that you know that. I kind of -- world vacation they're they're going to be very easy home. Nice pretty dobbs. Some diapers find this very unnerving to be in a strong current it was definitely not. What I was expecting to just kind of turned. And looked at me. Danone and does that bat toward Torre came from an -- back or up because this is a signal to go like a hitch hiking. Kind of deal I suck up -- right -- he grabbed her left and we. It's both started swimming. Back to everything but we weren't really make any progress so what did you do where the trouble. So I reached out. And cannot just colder in and started heading back to -- -- -- but I remember trying to yell you know swim swim and swim you really scared and scared to death.

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{"id":15831474,"title":"Honeymoon Horror: What Really Happened?","duration":"1:29","description":"Gabe Watson recalls dive that killed his wife; watch tonight, 10 p.m. ET.","url":"/2020/video/honeymoon-horror-happened-15831474","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}