JFK Jr.'s Surprising Gesture With Confidante

An obscene gesture by John F. Kennedy Jr. broke the ice with Rosemarie Terenzio.
1:49 | 01/17/12

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Transcript for JFK Jr.'s Surprising Gesture With Confidante
Well a -- from the Bronx stressed economic background. On a lot of and the education or. Privilege. -- John F. Kennedy junior the most famous person in the world. That's not likely I agree why did it happen. Some -- it was just serendipity we were in the same place at the same time. So let's back up -- -- -- -- You first meet him the starting a magazine you -- know what's going on the first thing you know for sure is that this John -- is taking. The office that -- -- out taking your space yet -- taking up space I had -- -- not anymore you didn't know. I don't hit. So you were very upset at him I was area and you put on a Cold War thinking that somehow you ignoring John -- -- I was in a way yeah get to. And ultimately he wound up warming you -- to him yet he did not it's shocking -- I mean probably and he broke the ice with you by just saying your name right. He well he would come in every morning Thursday morning. Collective good morning everyone in the on good morning good morning -- had down. -- Not on art. Just ignore him. You know ignore. -- options he took office he stroll. Antley who you are sitting in my big office while sitting in this tiny little. Good morning -- and talked -- -- so. And then 1 morning he stalled and he -- good morning rose and he had never -- my -- to force kind of fill up at practice and he made it. A gesture Massachusetts and that would in an obscene gesture he -- to the Bronx salutes in April approximately. I cracked up laughing at -- I lost it.

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{"id":15382393,"title":"JFK Jr.'s Surprising Gesture With Confidante","duration":"1:49","description":"An obscene gesture by John F. Kennedy Jr. broke the ice with Rosemarie Terenzio.","url":"/2020/video/jfk-jrs-surprising-joke-confidant82368234-15382393","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}