Lady Antebellum Has New Album -- and Baby

"It was just a big, big surprise," singer Hillary Scott told Juju Chang.
6:01 | 05/18/13

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Transcript for Lady Antebellum Has New Album -- and Baby
They may only be in their twenties and thirties but these are the golden years -- Lady Antebellum. Gold record statues -- their new release has the gold. And coming soon for the golden time. Let's start with the baby bump yeah. The trio is now quartet that went quiet in the making -- pregnant. Her husband Chris -- -- is the drummer of the band. The two married early last year in music -- is everything here in the -- Not so much. Thank -- -- the -- I mean we -- as a possibility -- but I had no idea oh my goodness. So unexpected she had to break the news to David Childs gently. And Hillary comes in the studio and she's just like I've got some news and rice that's like I know I don't even. Hillary Scott will learn soon enough the real value of being the trio. So Charles and -- does. Going to be dragging and into diaper duty yeah. A lot of nieces and nephews so off actually and -- but a lot of time looking after them -- haven't figured out yet. Don't like a football. With the city due in July much of the summer tour has been canceled and Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood. We'll soon find themselves on vacation. Each with some time to reflect on the career choices that turned them from working students to -- -- -- You about the job in the county and I want I had to bring. You hear a lot and I got out. -- it was a good steady job but I just didn't join I wasn't happy doing this. Charles -- went from -- -- to become. You're doing construction. -- was oldest brother doing some. -- just random stuff and so it was -- premier automotive outlook -- -- it's time -- time for a change. To move to Nashville and met up with Hillary Scott whose claim to fame was twice failing to make it past the first round of American Idol. The trio with humble beginnings was -- Here we -- going coffee shops and small bars and -- like I'm having a blast in this. This coffee shops and small bars and out Arenas and stadiums thanks -- need you now. I. A song that brought him fame and fortune five -- in the blue -- -- -- Daily selling our record label and they've got -- in an actual physical Billboard Magazine like sitting there. And needs Lovato very slow as a back pages and -- -- names like on the chart is so it's -- does not. Get called it surreal and not an idea that -- really get to this level we don't have. Succeed after are now six seat they have -- they've been able to give back as well when I first met Lady Antebellum last year they were about to play a -- In true high school spirit the band as their fans nationwide to invite lady a took their prom and the pitch is ruled -- -- would love to have you on our. But if you were nominating themselves there's only one place that you need to be. They made a plea for Henry -- high school. -- it was a rare EF four twister carved a path of destruction through the tiny town of Henry -- Indiana -- this was the high school's gym on surveillance video. Fine one minute blown away in a matter of seconds. What's clear the whole story we said let's make this a bigger thing make -- a big community event to try to raise money for the disaster relief -- -- also does have a good night. Smile. -- -- -- -- And and after the -- The students were treated to benefit concert which didn't just mysterious -- raise 285000. Dollars to rebuild and rebuild. And. Nearly a year after the tornado the images of resilience -- built slowly rebuilding itself continues to inspire. Images we shared with the trio. -- animals. And look at those. Fat is -- -- status that's what got little way he's so when you see that would consume your mind you guys did so much to their spirits and to raise when you. You know as while the C a meaning and -- and when we're there we kept thinking about gosh what officials are high school. The desire to keep on giving is tied -- to -- -- aid which helps a variety of children's charities. And provides -- and another excuse to play the game they -- Got our first event that's going to be in Nashville called ping pong and songs and so play some songs -- place a -- without mechanical do something different. Did he would -- entertainment is more highbrow. He's -- online fund with the group's latest single downtown. Which she jokingly calls downtown -- yeah. -- -- When it's cool downtown and Lady Antebellum performs it did not get woman -- the drew breath. When it's actually not just a woman is to -- the legs in the group but what -- up. The British accent. To me it's like British Australian and Boston went up I'll -- that. It's in pretty bad accident. He's got time to work on that accent while Hillary prepares to balance motherhood with a life on the road. -- road she once traveled with her mom Linda Davis who also had a number one billboard country -- with Reba McEntire Carl. Yeah. I went back the an island I. Have fun of us. In his home school and kindergarten and first grade for two years island on a bus and my mom is -- around opening for. George Strait Garth Brooks like really really early on her career and so. I am I'm -- It's. You know yeah. And but.

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{"id":19210466,"title":"Lady Antebellum Has New Album -- and Baby","duration":"6:01","description":"\"It was just a big, big surprise,\" singer Hillary Scott told Juju Chang.","url":"/2020/video/lady-antebellum-album-baby-19210466","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}