What Fans Wanted to Know

Part 2: Madonna explains how she feels about Lady Gaga.
3:42 | 01/13/12

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Transcript for What Fans Wanted to Know
This is the first time in thirty years Madonna has ever allowed cameras in -- -- recording studio. The it's actually cool beyond cool. And you're getting an exclusive sneak -- her new single a duet the rapper MIA. The -- called MD NA is that in -- Be a lot more music to come she's just signed a lucrative new music deal. Forty million dollars. -- -- the violence Cynthia Pinkney passed content can be passed dinner Madonna is also the halftime entertainment and this is Super Bowl. Controversial decision so what's more frightening having the movie open or performing. That this is supposed to -- off. -- I have eight minutes to set up -- stage. Twelve minutes to put on the greatest show on our and it's seven minutes -- take it down and that's the challenge how do you do that. -- -- of the playing there now know there's a roof on the stadium but pretty painful. I actually -- -- to have. A hundred jumpers come from the -- I like it's cool -- yeah. Wouldn't -- wouldn't tell me exactly -- planet has -- I have 250 and it's good evening. The day we talk she was holding -- -- in addition proportions. His answers on viewer question. When he -- -- questions. God relative what was the last meal. You cook entirely by yourself and -- think of Africa -- -- -- At Burke might nannies cook housekeeper cuts to you cook anything -- but I do everything else. Do you miss being married certain parts of it yeah -- Just feeling like part of a family unit not having me -- -- -- Which would you despised the most a world without music the world without sex -- a world full of tight ranges -- -- that -- Because. When you're making up to -- -- like music. That's -- and it. Yet as -- there's no hydration and so of all of these there's one question Els blew up the Internet -- They want to know. What to think about Lady Gaga. -- do you feel she's -- I certainly think she references mean a lot and her work sometimes I think it's amusing and -- and well done. I can't. Really be annoyed by -- insulted by it because obviously I influence turn it doesn't feel like this. No because she's she and I'm me but you have to do it too wet weather and -- me but never -- never. And when you saw both born this way if you think when I heard on the radio yes and -- I said that sounds very thing. -- -- born this way the little humor. Like the. And that doesn't feel underway. It feel -- A reduction. Expect good. We did it. It means simplify the war room let's get -- --

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{"id":15359539,"title":"What Fans Wanted to Know","duration":"3:42","description":"Part 2: Madonna explains how she feels about Lady Gaga.","url":"/2020/video/madonna-pop-singer-gaga-we-celebrity-music-15359539","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}