Mark Madoff: Haunted by Mom's Decision

Part 3: A tortured Mark Madoff tried to commit suicide by swallowing pills.
6:54 | 10/21/11

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Transcript for Mark Madoff: Haunted by Mom's Decision
Right January 2009 Bernie Madoff a newly dubbed wizard of Wall Street. Was managing a sphinx like smirk through his tangles with the media. And meanwhile Stephanie and market outside the media glare. We're still overwhelmed by -- betrayal. Stephanie says mark was now relying on pills -- his anxiety and insomnia and becoming obsessed with every detail of his father's case she. -- is constantly her on the Internet reading every article reading every blog reading. All -- nasty comments. After the scandal broke the -- tight Madoff clan. Fell apart. Bernie and Ruth holed up in their upper east side apartment where Bernie was under house arrest He could be seen at -- busy on the computer. But still compulsive enough to fly off the sofa pillows. Mark had completely cut off contact with his father after his confession even denying him a visit with his new grandson nick. But if mark had any doubt about his father's criminal mind they were erased with the arrival of a single envelope. And -- opens it up and He just puts his head down and He just starts to copy and in the envelope. Where about eleven to thirteen of Bernie is. Super fancy. Watch -- its. And then He said look we knew that and it's this it's. Five -- -- lung dining chain necklace that you can literally wrapped around your nap and are now ten times. The goods were estimated to be worth over one million dollars. Bernie once again expected mark to turn a blind guy -- was criminal ways once again mark immediately blew the whistle. So again. Ernie an area where putting us in Jeffrey. Eventually -- pleaded guilty to eleven counts of fraud and theft and in June received the maximum sentence. 150 years in prison. Sent to live out his days in a minimum security federal prison in North Carolina. But Stephanie fell Bernie hadn't suffered nearly enough. So she wrote him a letter laying out the life He was missing details of the grandchildren. He would never see again. Things that that He would love to be part and now -- never -- part so I thought that that waited. -- staying up to punish. -- -- and what was reported I EMI plan. Kind of backfired in the first letter He wrote back to me. As you can imagine I am quite the celebrity and and treated like a mafia Don. They -- either uncle Bernie -- mister Madoff. I can't walk anywhere without someone shouting their greetings and encouragement to keep my -- -- up. So you read that. And you're just -- smoking pissed and sick to my stomach. It was the cruelest of ironies Bernie basking in his jailhouse celebrity while Stephanie and mark were consumed by the shadow of his -- And with Bernie hidden away the media now targeted any Madoff they could find including mark Stephanie and their infant son. -- -- We can't. Stephanie had had enough and. -- swung around and I threw her. And her camera. Into a wall and I kept saying that she was static. How dare you come after me and my family you know she just kept saying you damaged my personal property. I'm gonna see you I'm gonna see you tonight I told her to get -- -- did it make you feel better it did I finally could say something. Stephanie says in her book that mark lost both of his parents on the day Bernie confessed. That's because He refused to see his mother Ruth as long as she stood by Bernie side. He could understand how she could continuously. Standby. This man who ruined so many lives who will -- his life. Stephanie says she stayed in touch with -- out of sympathy with the unrelenting scrutiny she faced in the -- -- even dyed her hair red in a futile attempt to disguise herself. -- way down and away the day she was evicted from her apartment by US marshals. -- was forced to hide in the trunk of a car -- -- the media. I felt really bad for her I helped her look for a new apartment. I let her come -- see the kids I would have -- is over for dinner. She just seems so lost to me it was now October 2009 -- -- was still haunted by his mother's decision. Stephanie lashed out begging mark to deal with his mother head on instead of being -- -- been -- What mark told her He just couldn't and instead did something much worse. She said you know -- I'm -- -- leave I'm gonna leave after about an hour and a half. Ice I got I started to get scared. Fear would turn to panic after she checked the medicine cabinet and all the pills were gone. And I -- so scared. By 8 o'clock in the morning I thought the worst and I saw out of the corner of my and I -- man come in and just go on tonight and and it was mark. And I was so happy and they -- It's this one of the most difficult parts both the -- for me this is not easy to remove. So anyways so when He came back and He was completely out of things out he'd taken pills -- -- about thirty Ambien and thirties. All the -- -- -- -- something like that He tried to kill himself that night. Mark had checked into this New York hotel swallowed the pills and waited to die. Leaving behind the suicide note. Gates said Bernie. Now you know. How you have destroyed the lives a -- sun each bite your life of deceit. Mark was admitted into a psychiatric ward after his suicide attempt where He issued an ultimatum to the mother. Who He thought had betrayed him. Mark said that should He will never speak to her again. Unless she stops all contact with -- from the ward of the hospital where He is after trying to hurt himself He says I need this rights and -- -- -- does what it wants to do and she felt that she needed to be with Bernie but. That didn't make sense to me -- was gone with my husband is lying and -- -- court. To -- sixty plus kills -- trying kill comes off. And you're still gonna stand by Bernie a monster.

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{"id":14790936,"title":"Mark Madoff: Haunted by Mom's Decision","duration":"6:54","description":"Part 3: A tortured Mark Madoff tried to commit suicide by swallowing pills.","url":"/2020/video/mark-madoff-haunted-moms-decision-commit-suicide-by-swallowing-pills-tortured-2020-14790936","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}