The Mastermind of 'Delivering Happiness'

Part 2: CEO Tony Hsieh is evangelical about keeping employees happy.
1:43 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for The Mastermind of 'Delivering Happiness'
-- they can cause that was our car sales associates just -- bond. -- -- are you saying today despite and then in the cafeteria. And amazing toy cars in the -- lending office. -- -- -- -- What you are witnessing is -- social experiment like Tony Shane. The entrepreneur and mastermind behind -- the online shoe company. Isn't revolutionary way of running a business has -- -- plunged into a one point two billion dollar powerhouse. And he got -- for the guiding principle. Great things will happen if pop up you make employees happy. It's like -- -- I mean very full -- Worse always. -- -- -- -- We think it's important for employees soon have fun. And confess drives -- engagement companies with strong cultures. Tend outperforming the ones that don't have strong cultures. Changed hugely successful company -- our profound convention shoes from just about every style size and color. -- 24 hours a day as many as you like me and -- we should think both twice. And -- headquarters in Henderson Nevada outside of Las Vegas and now dobbs corporate -- here. Instead employees could checkbook and dynamite training. And no CEO corner office instead Tony -- sits in the middle in his own cubicle next to his assistant. You want to hear people who hired to be -- -- -- a little cool and has happened. One of our core values is to create fun and a little -- -- we really recognize and celebrate each person's individuality and want their true. -- -- to shine in the workplace. Tony show has been imagined from a -- -- The son of Taiwanese parents and high expectations. My parents -- needs get good grades and eventually become a lawyer or doctor. But Tony launched his own -- -- -- -- before he hit double digits. Yet parents -- -- children musical instruments but you just seem to them what did you do. I really didn't have -- playing musical instrument so I would. -- recordings. Me playing the piano. While my parents responded so. They thought it was -- Do you play any instruments to -- and I can pretend to. -- -- to show an instinct for business at just nine his own. I had this idea of buying a lot of terms and and I would grow my own and then I could eventually sell work. What happens and you -- which -- later all the -- had escaped. So something in my want from this. Good -- got him into all the top universities but he -- with his parents Joyce Hoffman. You didn't want any classes. How come -- goals. Leaving. Matier on -- getting notes from friends. Is it true that one of your questions was Mandarin Chinese spirituality spoke Mandarin Chinese and yes in his first year. And engines. I don't know whether we should be very proud of your wedding and an attack young people -- got to college and never go to school. I actually encourage them to take the money they would've spent on college -- Start businesses -- and secure ultimate goal is to be an -- when. Not -- to let college get in the way of congress. -- made fast -- selling fast food. Got on the subway plans -- -- style box frozen. McDonald's Brothers took a taxi back and cook them and sold them to students how much money did you make five -- 101000 dollars. After graduating Jason -- big -- -- an advertising website from his basement. Called link exchange group quickly -- not started -- he's unhappy. Asked about Mars science that's when you want to do the news want to wasn't a fun place to work network saint -- How much did you -- -- insulin can exchange 265. He was -- pro life -- -- someone approached him with the idea of selling shoes online news cents. It sounded like the poster child of bad -- -- that -- do you want not. Interested in shoes. I am actually still -- -- intentions who -- the most exciting business from a growth perspective and I really -- the people there. -- they jumped on board -- CEL and this time. He would build his company -- They definitely not one -- percent stake and made up my previous company where if a company culture. Just went downhill if I was gonna go into an officer -- -- Might as well -- -- office with people I would choose to be around not be around purely just for business reasons. She is evangelical. About making sure his employees happy. Often -- -- in the cafeteria covering all medical benefits and even supplying a life coach. To help employees to reach their goals -- Jack -- accepted the -- being internship that is -- and sentenced Britain. Speculation. Fortune magazine names happens when of the top ten companies to live. There's a rowdy folks feel free to take pictures and videos that go around and the business world is taking notice don't mind -- silly string folks -- superhero week. Employees and other companies can't even -- -- and zappos headquarters. Speaking tour and trying to understand what -- -- -- successful option would disbelief. I think they think we're not. I think people -- generally afraid to allow employees to be themselves because in the north of powers taken away. It's really more than just a place to work -- it's a lifestyle. Most apples and plays when they leave behind this week to hang out with others -- and please. He -- because we forced him to but because they actually choose to. After a decade zappos dominated the online shoe industry. And it has expanded into other projects and last year Amazon bought the company for one point two billion dollars. -- that's -- to stay on as CEO. He agreed. Base salary of just 36000 dollars a year. That's my way. Making sure that I'm actually only there for my own happiness I'm not doing -- -- -- is not proprietary about how he runs his business in fact. He put zappos -- recipe for success in a book called the delivering happiness and went on tour to spend the room. She is next big project is to delay -- happiness to downtown must thank you. We are in the Fremont east district right now it's an area that most first don't know about. Where the locals hang out and there's a real sense of neighborhood and community here. His vision to revitalize the distress downtown area into -- high tech hub bringing in more jobs. What does six. -- -- -- -- The ultimate definition of success. You could lose everything that and -- be okay. Your happiness isn't based on external factors. Could you lose everything be happy. I think that would actually be a fun job.

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{"id":14839968,"title":"The Mastermind of 'Delivering Happiness'","duration":"1:43","description":"Part 2: CEO Tony Hsieh is evangelical about keeping employees happy.","url":"/2020/video/mastermind-delivering-happiness-14839968","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}