Michael Jackson's Music, Cirque's Magic

Behind Cirque du Soleil's latest hit with Cirque founder Guy Laliberte.
1:22 | 10/27/11

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Transcript for Michael Jackson's Music, Cirque's Magic
Yeah yeah. The music of Michael Jackson. -- with the magic. -- -- -- Yeah -- is legendary created below fifty. His genius that made him and months. Second -- Thank you everybody also -- psychedelic Bonn on Monday. Will come -- -- 2.5 billion dollars. -- And -- active and have fun had been rehearsing for a year. -- man who followed history its past security stocked on district. And now you're adding that the people doing. By coming -- just. Everything we do me years to entertain contagious. We make people forget their problems -- four dollars and this is a great. That's good for themselves.

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{"id":14827286,"title":"Michael Jackson's Music, Cirque's Magic","duration":"1:22","description":"Behind Cirque du Soleil's latest hit with Cirque founder Guy Laliberte.","url":"/2020/video/michael-jacksons-music-cirques-magic-14827286","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}