Modern Polygamist Family Goes Public

Part 1: Dargers risk prosecution to make a case for legalizing polygamy.
6:32 | 11/18/11

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Transcript for Modern Polygamist Family Goes Public
We've all heard the phrase share and share alike but that takes on an all new meaning in the family you're about to meet a polygamous -- Me thinking all about -- and so did weight but that was before Elizabeth but the door. You -- -- everything about this -- Lisa price to -- their out and their proud. They didn't ask to have their faces blurred there even risking jail time just by appearing on 20/20. But that is nothing compared to the ultimate surprise the twisted the sister wives even they would agree is shocking. But for them. It's all a matter of -- The golden grasslands of suburban Salt Lake County Utah our land and seek grants. Entire families living in the shadows to protect husbands and fathers from going to prison for polygamy. Today there is once -- less. Because Joseph daughter is ready for his closest. An act of Civil Disobedience for -- Joseph is a polygamous he has 31. -- -- -- -- And bow and twenty Ford children. But they're not only be isolated. Even old fashioned disciples of war in Jackson who shot me outside world and -- -- -- covered from neck to -- Now it's polygamous whose leader -- in girls as young as twelve among his 87 wives and his now when a Texas prison for life. -- loved by every other way. And in a felonious relationship that's a decision we made that we have to explain them. New Yorkers are -- typical modern family albeit a very large one. Fed up they live -- -- typical rural neighborhood on the outskirts of Salt Lake City. They dress like anyone else dad works and construction management the kids go to public schools. What's the most part is their fervent belief that polygamy is a divine instruction why is. Airing your husband with other women bring closer to god it was always I guess just part of what I felt would help fulfill everything in me like the height of unselfish love. And build large family that I always wanted but couldn't do that in a monogamous relationship it just felt like. It was the right thing to do I searched my soul and -- and felt like it was -- should be. We don't have. To be reminded that polygamy is against the law. This photo from 1945 includes five of the -- grandfathers and drink Utah state prison convicts for having multiple wives -- Growing up Joseph Alina -- -- while learned from their parents that plural marriage is best practiced in secret. Do you feel like you have to keep the fact that your polygamous family a secret he's lost business and you paid a price financially. I feel like we've just the underground. Once we are holding hands. Walking in the -- and he dropped ahead and start walking when hit me. Because there -- somebody from -- that he thought he knew him there clearly is -- and I mean if comments -- you -- handle it and I got a you know. The potential cost. -- being too public with her lifestyle was highlighted earlier this year. Why should be multiplied not divided. -- the family featured in the reality TV show sister wives. Had just lead to Nevada after -- -- you talk opened an investigation. Are you willing to go to jail -- this principle of collective process that we're not limited and this is our home we're staying here still -- -- conflict is because he doesn't want to send the wrong message to -- -- your future children. It's okay are very -- instead show Alina -- -- -- decided to write a book about what they see is they're healthy happy family. Exhibit -- in their case for the legalization of polygamy. Show -- just give me the names of all of your children. In order -- Samuel Joseph K love Amanda Laura -- Grayson -- jam and Lewis Logan -- and -- -- this highly care Sabrina -- and Sally Vanessa Angel Boston Krista and toward the. Wow how do you find time for 24 children. We have to make that -- what I see it. PCs they needed and -- home the go and take that -- -- and spent time. The story of the Stanley begins 23 years ago when Joseph begins dating a -- and Vickie. At the same time. I felt it was in love -- -- and just from. He and around they're both coming early to tell liberals like me and I had a connection to both apparently. -- -- -- in my case she's my friend and I love her. We're both -- -- -- and he's a really good guy and you know let's see. If that's where. It helps sit -- when his two girlfriends were all from plural families Joseph grew up in a failing list for moms Dickey had three Alina to. Incredibly one would think. The dual courtship flourishes. And with the eventual approval of the twelve parents involved joke proposes to -- a -- and -- And you've got down on one he didn't. And took a -- hand and Mickey's hands and asked them both to marry -- yet so they even shared the proposal. And on your wedding day didn't go anywhere wedding dress very -- -- new meaning to settling. That night when it comes time to consummate two marriages a painful choice has to be beaten two decades later it is still a sensitive topic. Obviously -- -- has to be first -- was a very. Difficult and private decision. I've got to be honest I think I would have a really hard time with that if I were one of the -- review right and I think you would if he didn't understand they didn't come from. The whole picture the faith of family and then one night in -- now. Ten years into their marriage the spark has fizzled but that's when another woman -- -- Joe's. -- -- is identical twin sister back home. Didn't think that would be a little weird.

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{"id":14987499,"title":"Modern Polygamist Family Goes Public","duration":"6:32","description":"Part 1: Dargers risk prosecution to make a case for legalizing polygamy. ","url":"/2020/video/modern-polygamist-family-public-dargers-risk-prosecution-case-legalizing-polygamy-2020-14987499","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}