Mom Denies Oral Sex Claim by Teen Boy

A principal's wife and former mayor was accused of doing the unthinkable.
3:38 | 11/10/11

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Transcript for Mom Denies Oral Sex Claim by Teen Boy
What ever happened in the -- house -- April afternoon last year. Sent lurid rumors ricocheting around Prosser Washington. -- lost denies she gave oral sex to her daughter's fourteen year old ex boyfriend. But says there were some agonizing confessions. She needed to make her her daughter. -- like okay you know what you're hearing is entirely true but I did have signed an appropriate -- in contact with. This kid but I me I didn't. And have like. Intimate relationship did you get angry and I mean out of anger at -- -- think I was really angry but not necessary with my mom more act. -- big boy it's devastating and it was embarrassing and I was. Mortified at the pain that I -- -- handling. How did you learn about this -- Late night conversation. She's -- need to talk -- him who has. Incredible unbelievable how did you get -- shelters. I don't know that I did I was pretty upset to say the least you -- -- kids. Zillions questions -- what the hell are you thinking. -- -- family says they believe they know the reason for -- reckless behavior. That it all stems from personal tragedy and a boy and -- -- the boy was Linda's son Taylor. She is every thing -- care and mean she. -- -- I mean. 24 hours ago. But fate would eventually win on a spring afternoon two years ago. Linda left Taylor at home with her other kids as she often did to work -- while at her handbag shop. By the time she got back Taylor's breathing had stopped once more. And this time would be the last depression. Is not just being -- and -- It literally is a disorder that can overtake. Who you -- as a person -- I mean you just. My son died of course I was sad but I didn't realize how that atlas. My whole way of life with con. I -- it up in the morning and go into his room just automatically into. Up there. Into that. Empty space came Bubba Franks a young man who -- perceived as being in need of some care and -- I felt like I needed to just. Be what this kid needed help him in whatever way -- You believe this was a little bit of a replacement. Absolutely. And at the time I don't think it was a conscience. Decision but. Yeah absolutely and -- held. What villain and need -- -- If she -- -- you know suffered the loss from Taylor I'm. Positive this wouldn't have happened. If Linda lost actions had -- hidden motivations. Bubba Franks -- his two. Friends noticed these special attention -- showed him and some of them had seen the texts and the broad picture. The friends are daring you to push it. -- -- the law leaders of motivation from friends to do. And you to -- -- -- us about that this was excitement that. You don't look like somebody gets pushed -- right if you do something you want to let.

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{"id":14928674,"title":"Mom Denies Oral Sex Claim by Teen Boy","duration":"3:38","description":"A principal's wife and former mayor was accused of doing the unthinkable.","url":"/2020/video/mom-denies-oral-sex-claim-teen-boy-14928674","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}