Murder in the Hamptons: Who Done It?

Part 2: As the cops close in, Generosa Ammon and Pelosi get some bad news.
0:33 | 03/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Murder in the Hamptons: Who Done It?
Yeah. -- Saturday October 20 2001. Multimillionaire. Ted Ammon is at home in the East Hampton. And just two days you'll sign papers finalizing his divorce from his wife Jenna Rosa. That night -- -- alone restaurant. Takes his solitary walk. It's dark and he scoot. His own defense says he thinks he's being followed. -- 10 PM he's back at the mansion on -- -- -- From city. Precisely what happens over the next several hours may never be -- On Monday when he misses an appointment in the city. Concerned fan comes to the house and Hamptons and Heinz 52 year old Ted Ammon -- Naked and covered in his own lines -- lines on his bed -- floor he was bludgeoned. In the head or defensive wounds to his hands were clearly was trying to cover his head scandal broke infraction. Because a lot of on the floor bedroom leading into the bathroom and Angela. What happened to -- and the probably could counseling. From one. That's comparable -- us this house. It was the first murder in East Hampton in twenty years. The exclusive on -- from Wall Street tycoons. A list actors and political high rollers was shocked. The for the widow general Rosa heads brutal death was a windfall. She was still technically his wife. And head hadn't changed his will so instead of getting the 25 million dollar divorce settlement. She stood to get the bulk of his in -- state worth eighty million dollars. I did reach probably -- ten business associates. I can hear a lot of fun generous and -- and -- where. -- -- business associates of tents and every -- of them was. I mean that that there reaction that I heard again gallons so she finally did. -- Jenna Rosa was asked by Ted Stanley to stay away from his memorial she didn't even pretend to -- In fact just three months after the murder she married the man with the tool that Danny Pelosi. People -- this because husband and wife can't be compelled to testify against each other. Police suspect the newly married couple but don't arrest them. Both claim to have alibis to have been in the city. Not with each other point it was murdered. Two years after the murder in 2003. -- -- scene still the prime suspect. -- his first nationally broadcast interview with a for the record. For me asking the question. Did you kill -- am not at all do you know who killed. And oh when you couldn't event -- Emmons favorite person. He never tell me I always -- -- any excuse. Work during the interview -- lawyers watched from the back of the room street. Baking in several times instructing him not discuss details of that weekend. Michael was general rose is willing to ask -- -- whether or not she -- I asked -- should absolutely not in no way. Nor would she ever as investigators closed in some devastating news for the newlywed couple Jenna -- is diagnosed with terminal cancer. It is told she only has months to live. The time she moves into Danny's house and -- to -- this was such that was my check. She affections Diane -- breast cancer at this point Danny and generous -- marriage began to flounder. The stress of her illness murder investigation. And constant battles over money take their told. In this audio recording we hear a dying Jenna Rosa arguing with -- Danny. -- yeah I think you know here. -- ridiculous degree. Yeah yeah I -- I didn't happen -- yeah rail I don't. General -- and Danny separate. She makes it clear she doesn't want him around her or raising her children. Cutting him out of -- will. In effect paying him off with a two million dollar settlement. In August of 200347. Year old Jenna Rosa -- -- diamonds. Danny was not there. But he did show up for the funeral parlor and in a moment right out of a monster movie he strolled out with her -- and headed to the stand hope hotel. For a final -- I could perhaps understand going to the -- hopeful tone to relive a moment that you had with -- -- -- like it even tolerate common sense that you take the edges. And -- -- that she loved. Please tell me why you needed a New York Post reporter and a photographer. To memorialize that moment for the world's. I'm not I'm not saying I'm the most normal that it world I do spontaneous wacky things my wife suggests diet I got a -- jury convening -- -- police. Investigative it's like. -- entitled to real -- You do understand. Why some people think you committed this. No I don't understand will you marry the widow three months after -- husband's. Instead of inheriting a part of the -- she answered inherent in the holistic. There is no motive. -- take a father away from -- case. -- -- -- -- Yeah. Prosecutors say Danny had plenty of motive. Eighty million reasons to want tent camp death.

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{"id":15873558,"title":"Murder in the Hamptons: Who Done It?","duration":"0:33","description":"Part 2: As the cops close in, Generosa Ammon and Pelosi get some bad news.","url":"/2020/video/murder-hamptons-15873558","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}