Murder in the Hamptons: Danny's New Tale

Part 4: On the eve of his appeal, Pelosi spills new accusations and details.
7:03 | 03/07/12

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Transcript for Murder in the Hamptons: Danny's New Tale
It's been seven years and Danny Pelosi was convicted of the murder of multimillionaire Ted -- and now even his appeal. Ready to tell all. Details of the murder. Who did it. And -- And he's pointed the finger -- his -- now dead wife. Jenna Rosa. The bottom line is I did not kill -- I mean I never gave. Jenna -- did not kill -- She hadn't killed this is how -- -- if you start. And it was just the beginning an explosive series of new details and accusations. Aimed mostly. At Jenna Rosa. Was revenge a part of this crime. Jenna -- wanted revenge. -- wanted revenge because. -- that they. The baby generals to believe Ted -- had secretly fathered with his girlfriend. -- -- -- -- Sir come out of this world aids saying why -- trade site go kill. -- says generals was jealous and wanted to make -- okay. Want to make him reveal where he had hidden she believed millions of dollars in secret assets. Generals who came to my job Wednesday north -- 50000 dollars to have a husband beat. Beaten up yes beaten up OK that's what she wanted. I started to all the people. Should take this. Moment my girlfriends -- for 50000 doesn't want to have a husband. Should. That easy to -- trying to show what shall not means tuneup doesn't mean kill. Not at all to not want to tone up I'm gonna come Tony what balloonists map to hell at a -- Now could have regular guys work of some 50000 ousting him from somebody of being. I'm sorry. Everybody was -- on the job so you're saying that there were multiple people who -- multiple people let her desk and somebody took her up on. Chris -- around -- Chris -- was a former employees. Under pressure from prosecutors turned State's evidence after Danny -- -- trial. From Reno confessed to driving with -- -- to 59 middle lane of the night of the murder. And said Danny came out of the house with blood on -- saying -- had a fight with Ted -- and quote I think he's dead. In a plea deal that could hurt -- chance of appeal from Reno pled guilty. Hindering the prosecution. And was sentenced to just six months. Danny says Perino is the real killer. And now -- -- out for revenge. -- making sure we'll need you come here. But ending any proof any defense and disease don't even makes sense why would she need -- when she's got killed. Use independent legal volatility in a lot of fifty down -- us honest to god she didn't need tricks. I had no problem with telling him I really didn't I was gonna do -- great -- scandal. No problem. On me before you could do it what happened. It's to -- violated her probation. I was on probation for DW life. Protect I was gonna get a year in jail for smacking this guy in the face. It was guaranteed that he was critical -- -- and that's my generation stopping did general Rosa ever. Tell you. That she had hired -- How could you not tell me for Chris only get -- Did he get -- unhappy aren't -- a pipe -- in the balance. Okay if that America -- paid off command Newsday was the -- highly paid for us today and I just. Tracing the money from -- -- well holidays -- -- well. Call it what you will you make sure -- okay. Like I -- I'm not I'm not finished fifth in the things that happened after the murder and this is why I never told my story. What a story it is. Danny Pelosi says he knows exactly what happened to -- -- that night because of water for Reno and general Rosa later told them. And because the night of the murder he watched some of it unfold on the laptop. That could access the camera system. -- and we can rest when he into the door and got high jacked up against the war. I Chris Carrino not find Chris very real by -- somebody told I think Chris that -- doing this would have. Did you guys increase subcontracted. Did not tell. In other names no I don't know their names and saying you know that there was nine cameras installed the new. They had no idea. So they came they -- -- can update -- them up for and how law. They told him -- they -- him up until general grocery Chris got out there. -- you -- killed them. Ten and -- was killed by Christopher Perino. -- tell me it was an accident. He told me he smacked him in the head with a peace and knocked on the left and then knocked -- he must have bled to death. Generals have confirmed. That nine. Did she want him dead according to the -- that yes generously gave to order to finish him general growth. Kelly day she died said he got exactly what -- -- Period. -- says he realized to protect Jenna Rosa he had to get rid of the security tapes the so called black box. Remember don't wedding -- Danny asked his father how we might get rid of something for -- and Danny says he meant the black -- So who took out the video -- -- I took after the I forgot that video unit Monday morning. OK I had was already that. -- was good for a whole day ahead when I went fifth. When you need -- -- black box he tells us. He drove to his canal in -- her as Long Island and certainly didn't. I tell you where it is go get it but -- died in the water and take a stake let me happy. I'll -- get it. How bring your right to out jump in the -- -- pull -- out of mud and -- told the hard drive may be sealed just like a black box and an airplane.

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{"id":15873709,"title":"Murder in the Hamptons: Danny's New Tale","duration":"7:03","description":"Part 4: On the eve of his appeal, Pelosi spills new accusations and details.","url":"/2020/video/murder-hamptons-dannys-tale-15873709","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}