Murder in the Hamptons: New Evidence?

Part 5: What did ABC News find following Danny's new leads?
2:56 | 03/07/12

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Transcript for Murder in the Hamptons: New Evidence?
The -- any close he talks the more convoluted the story of the murder on middle range -- com. Now from behind bars busy telling the -- and deep deep throat critical evidence that cleared him in this now. -- seems to have an answer. For everything. I'm very challenge. Am very very intelligence. I want you can't have been killed -- -- drove by -- -- any kind of -- one in his head. I don't you people not kill -- -- contract. I'll take your body. Cal played down by a foundation and -- throw some -- over they'll never find you have. I sure every week -- acutely aware I had. Camera system installed that black box multi camera system. Danny says he took from the beach has to protect not himself. But general Rosa. So this is a member Janet did you give my producer. Where you -- through. The original you absolutely. And if we go there if you go to -- would indictment how pinpoint where -- when you pull it out. Parade guy. You can see everything right. -- -- -- -- Pelosi snapped a description leads us to this -- now on Long Island you're diving attendant you're on the job. Questions. ABC news consultant and former FBI profiler Brad Garrett is on the phone with elusive -- trying to -- firm. This is the right. Behind me -- three houses. That are split level blood on the top. Yes yeah. -- the black -- -- as he dumped here. Looks just like this is an -- you can I don't think that anybody throw that too far. So what are the chances and -- find something. The -- a security system is just one of the new leads Danny Pelosi says could prove he's innocent. Another secret audio recordings he -- before he was -- best of the murder. Is there anything on those tapes it's got -- this gonna shed light but whether or not to commit this I. Record is so much -- Katie me tell you what's horrible this Jenna Rosa Santos admits -- one of all I know OSHA as should occur that played back cherished clear as day. That -- -- did not do this. And I faeda. Yet but -- shut the up on the tape I will -- the tapes speak for themselves give us the tape we'll catch. We listen to the audio recordings he -- -- but heard no confession. Nothing from general grosses saying that Danny didn't do it and instead we heard -- frail and dying Jenna Rosa. Pleading with -- not to contest custody of her two children. From being told. Her. -- issue -- January next -- will be very lucky. I'm very concerned -- children and painting and a lot and I. I don't think. I'm talking everything -- -- Well I can't -- her children. On this recording Jenna -- sounds reasonable but -- says in the days before she died while they were living in cinema riches and she was on painkillers. Jenna Rosa was erratic. If that's true they both worked. She used to think I was head as she tried to kill me all over again told me write my faces up to you told you I -- don't you. It kills you she if that was feasible. Included the by Iran and great divide I have not pounding against the -- took that night at a I think she's nuts she's trying. Kill me. -- -- what I did but you see how I come across and I explain a story. That -- People didn't give us a list of six people who piece it would confirm general Rosa made that offer of 50000 dollars. To anyone who would -- -- to head. No one would agree to talk to us on camera the one man did say he remembers hearing the deal. Danny also directed us to -- -- leads. His therapist in jail on the DW I charge Scully says Danny asked him to listen -- on a phone conversation he had. Would Jenna Rosa. And she was basically responding to him I know that you -- who have been reduced sooner or later people us. -- innocent in this kind of sorry that I put you in this situation to need that meant that. She had. Something to do with -- murder. And dad Danny was basically being the fall -- It's interesting but doesn't prove anything -- not the generous and committed the crime not that Dan didn't. As for Chris Marino he denies -- -- allegations that he committed the murder. He refused to talk to us saying only Danny Pelosi destroyed my life. -- and now we need to. We have excellent interviewer now will be any -- season. Behind the black box -- I would quarter -- It they're still beat us because. -- -- -- -- -- We run -- and obviously you haven't found anything in Virginia. After eight hours. They do find something. Cash register someone had thrown into the mountain and a few odds and and. No black box. The next day we break the news today and well -- spent the day at the canal. We didn't find -- -- -- -- and now we didn't find anything except to cash register it and that had nothing to do with you. -- -- -- really -- we don't find it. So now what. Right now. -- Out. Aaron Danny Pelosi says he needs more time to get together the evidence he needs. -- -- from a psychological point of view what he's trying to do I believe this muddy the water as much as possible so it doesn't. It's not as clear that he actually committed this crime and it could conceivably be somebody else. I call them boomerang personalities because whatever you throw at them hit you in the forehead it's your fault. There's always an explanation because they never take responsibility for anything they do. Danny isn't it possible -- what story you told me about what happened that night is yes exactly what happened except for one thing. -- that you would in the I can't be in that -- he -- Americans are great debt. You covered it up. Fair enough fair enough after the after the murder yes. Do -- protect the general -- yes. I'm not guilty -- murder. -- -- -- -- -- Found guilty of being a TV tough guy. But anyway right now it's your word it's not evidence it's not the gun it's not the closest not to -- it's not the copy it's not that it's your word -- You -- -- -- with some hard evidence because of juries are already convicted him a jury convicted me on trial. That was treated like the staircase. He would have. My trial was a joke. Pelosi insists he's innocent and will prove it one day to the world. -- to general rose -- children Craig and Alexa who were ten at the time of the murder. And are now 21 -- their lives -- Absolutely. It sure. How much responsibility. To you take. For the whole next. I could do -- all over. -- walked out of the 87 street open credit I got my money can never spend another minute -- What started as a love story ended in a twisted tale of greed. Blame. And revenge. Danny and never again -- you know ride you wanna bet I'll make up that I do gable. IM getting he. In 2003. -- home means that when you met generosity hit the jackpot hit Lotto. I hit -- I honestly think that how it looks them. What now. I felt -- successful. -- -- The worst part if we're hopeful.

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{"id":15873899,"title":"Murder in the Hamptons: New Evidence?","duration":"2:56","description":"Part 5: What did ABC News find following Danny's new leads?","url":"/2020/video/murder-hamptons-evidence-15873899","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}