Murder in the Hamptons: The Trial

Part 3: By opening his big mouth, Danny Pelosi becomes his own worst enemy.
7:18 | 03/07/12

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Transcript for Murder in the Hamptons: The Trial
It was a deadly love hate triangle the -- His wife and her lover. A street was tough guy with -- very big -- Now two of them were dead and the tough guy Danny Pelosi is two million dollars richer. He's smooth operator. Even his father -- news that. -- -- -- -- -- If you could use it I mean he could talk curious sucks. Even though Danny is under investigation for murder he never stops talking. Until finally five months after our interview law closes it -- to -- -- he's denied bail. We're just debating trying to. Time of -- ex prosecutor Janet -- case is far from perfect decent innocent man who's been wrongfully accused and Danny can afford the best defense lawyers like -- -- there's no DNA. There's no blood spatter. There is no fingerprint there is nothing. Ties him to this murder -- forensic evidence at all. But prosecutors do have is a lot of circumstantial evidence and three witnesses who say he confessed. One of them -- is on again off again girlfriend Tracy -- been felt. She described for the jury how he put his finger to his lips change. And nodding yes the same time and she said well you know did you do it and he said. -- -- -- he said I went out there he said -- bashed his brains and -- cried like a bitch you know she was horrified so why would you do act. And he said because I got a -- to -- And pounds and on his -- That's about -- also testifying against Danny -- Maine the -- children's nanny. There's track. And yeah she testified Danny came home after a night of gambling and woke -- up. He'd obviously been drinking and came up to her on the bad and he started to -- in her ear. I killed -- -- -- you know. But in sunlight is the most dramatic witness Daniel -- -- -- own father. Who was tormented by a conversation he had with -- at a wedding. The weekend Ted Ammon was murdered. Yes we have -- -- someone wanted to get rid of something. Could they do and I said -- him day -- in today's world it's very very difficult especially with DNA election. He wanted to take something improve the ocean. Fishing might come along hook onto the drone who -- -- and. Did you wonder why he was asked him. I didn't want to know to be honest -- -- almost any trying to get -- up. A murder weapon bloody clothes. Or maybe the tape from that multi camera surveillance system inside Ted -- to East Hampton mansion. A black box recorder hidden deep and -- of the house which by the time police got there. It was gone. -- Absolutely how to know where to look almost nobody precisely people who installed it. And the defendant were aware of its location. Prosecutors called Danny's father to the stand a very reluctant witness. I spoke to -- preached that poem what I knew I was afraid I was going to be asked. And I said. The bush camp why can't come true I would in his told the -- there is my right hand to -- -- and I wasn't unlocked. Bob Pelosi told the jury what Danny had asked him did he know how to get rid of something for good. When you in the courtroom. Did you hear what your sentence usually -- but instead. -- -- Came to -- about that. That was I think a turning point that was the first turning point in the trial. But not the last despite his lawyers reservations. Did -- Pelosi himself. Stan nobody thought it was a good idea today and it wasn't take the stand up dating policy. Underwrote Pelosi says all those who -- he confessed were lined. And then his lawyer asked him the question. Everyone was waiting for. Did there come a time when generous. Asked you to murder her husband. And the answer was yes she first came to him and asked whether he knew anyone who could be hired to murder for them. Emphatically stated that he. Turned them both of those -- -- -- -- -- Was generous -- and involved and someone. We did not uncover anything specific that led us to believe that she was present at the scene times. However beyond a reasonable doubt was she aware -- that that question probably will never be answered I think we need to move on from her and focus on the man who actually killed 10 -- -- -- -- Prosecutors may have been delighted -- those who took the stand but. So seemingly was heat. I know everybody -- it would the -- Our cameras are there when just hours after testifying below she seems ecstatic calling his lawyers from jail to -- Everyone -- positive. That's perfect parking -- might get a -- how would you vote don't get big bank big. I was not a bad feedback from the live climate. But you know you are very very good one of those very strong point -- testimony. Is when you were explaining the rift with your dad. I got bad he didn't you know -- I got up -- But that -- is still quite -- McCain -- -- -- -- and expecting me is dead because I was always different and well what was I was different -- just comment on. That's across the health care. As the case goes to the jury Pelosi is confident. So prosecutors and the jury deliberated for three days and then the verdict guilty second degree murder guilty. He said nothing put his hand in his face he seemed. Shocked and stunned by the president. The sentence 25 years to life. No more surprise than Danny Hoover I got -- -- -- America. Never saw it coming. Never saw -- comment. Danny Pelosi spent the last seven years in prison he's now and in. Security lockup in upstate New York he's had plenty of time to think and play anymore -- to say. I know everything that happy I know every day that have been. Would -- lawyers around to advise him what does Danny Pelosi. Saying now when I need tell the truth this story of the murder in the hippies the real murderer Neil Lane. What led to the murder are made only love romance gambling drinking sex. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15873603,"title":"Murder in the Hamptons: The Trial","duration":"7:18","description":"Part 3: By opening his big mouth, Danny Pelosi becomes his own worst enemy.","url":"/2020/video/murder-hamptons-trial-15873603","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}