Passengers Gone Wild

Part 2: Excessive drinking aboard cruise ships leads to outrageous behavior.
5:31 | 01/20/12

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Transcript for Passengers Gone Wild
Once again from Italy. Chris Cuomo. For millions cruises are about sun -- swimming and soaking up the good life. But let's face it folks for many of us getting the high -- is also about hitting the hard stuff. Have you ever heard the expression cruise ship drunk definitions. You're looking. YouTube is overflowing with examples of cruise passenger -- -- Water -- music tour vacations -- a -- succeed. Passage of drunk and disorderly yeah. -- bombed to -- you know. To see a lot his stated -- The minute that the passenger boards there are accosted by -- bar waiters and bars the Republicans break. What is pushing drinks really any excuse for passengers -- Some experts argue fights and -- are more common in the cruise industry would like to admit. He's YouTube video shows there's something about being at -- Inspires some people. They don't win. You might even lose your fear of heights. Stripped naked like these beer drinkers -- Pinned up in -- -- like this big job. Or worse record in the middle of it knocked him drag out fight. The issue of alcohol presents a major problem when -- -- You haven't been adequate security force. You have no police conducted at police and federal marshals whatsoever you have a tremendous amount of alcohol. -- you have lots of employees that are not properly vetted. We're no one has really done a background check. -- there a danger. By the time this slugfest was over one passenger was reportedly knocked out cold another. -- broken -- And then there was this practice when things got too hot. We'll call you intend aboard the carnival cruise ship three and 2010. Everyone's fighting on the floor 44 year old Ian del Castillo was an eyewitness capturing fists flying and as -- -- -- Also weird streak. You may have. Large parties that had just converged on the -- -- -- -- It just exploded like -- watch this don't -- steal planes -- security initially and runs away. Gil Castillo says he couldn't believe his luxury cruise vacation and degenerated. Mixed martial arts cage -- The fight just kept bouncing from different areas of the club. They did not have the right here. They did not have the right far it's really reflected in the go past few planes that amidst all the main securities suddenly. Tension on him when the security guys spotted me and he just stuck his head as they pay no no no no. Only adding insult. As soon as the fight is over some of the -- interrogators were left to roam the ship bringing the boy were on vacation this madness. -- and you know -- Nothing. Nothing by way to protect us but. Carnival cruise line spokesman told ABC news the -- security and the cause of the fight was investigated which resulted in ten guests being disembarked in Mexico. Cruise line also says they maintain a high level of security through an onboard uniformed security force. And carnival has a zero tolerance for crime policy. Some cruise ships actually have a holding cell Greg. But some other cruise ships don't and they don't because they don't want to lose the space on the ship they -- -- -- -- passenger cabins and there they want as many paying passengers as they can't. Plaintiffs' attorney Jim Walker says in many cases the most of cruise ship can do is send a rowdy passenger back to their room. Under -- line we -- complaints from passengers and they'll be told. What do you think that says we can't. Hold people we're not the police the cruise ship industry claims violent fights and drunken. So isolated incidents need to make sure that people are behaving. The way this should be. And and these things don't get control. And the cruise industry ads as a result of public scrutiny they have changed the way they do business. Obviously. If you sell more drinks you make more money but. On the other hand if you sell more drinks you invite. Virtually all the cruise lines have developed programs -- respect to what is responsible. Behavior. And one as irresponsible behavior and cutting people off. That are drawing too much or drinking too much it's part of though these training programs that have been built into the operations. -- But there's nothing to cruise line to do in common sense goes out the window and straight into the ocean for.

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{"id":15408589,"title":"Passengers Gone Wild","duration":"5:31","description":"Part 2: Excessive drinking aboard cruise ships leads to outrageous behavior.","url":"/2020/video/passengers-wild-15408589","section":"2020","mediaType":"us only 08"}