Powell Case Worker on Boys' Final Moments

Elizabeth Griffin-Hall gives an exclusive interview to ABC News' "20/20."
2:11 | 02/09/12

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Transcript for Powell Case Worker on Boys' Final Moments
By the time -- actually which was -- death. The democrats' front and say. Did you did the door open did you see Josh I such assets such -- just went back and it's hot mind. And -- he had a look in his eyes of violence and describe it as an end and end and a look at his faith with kindness. Let's friendly and that it is just kinda cheap seats -- extra is that you like that. And then closed the door and it slammed that -- and I. I I thought that was an accident. They -- it means lock me out. And so -- -- -- -- -- an amendment to balance out its secular and can't Josh let me end and I heard him say. In -- the door closed I heard him say Charlie I've got a surprise three. And that was real and normal because he always had surprises for children and activities and things to do indeed he had spent learning -- And then I -- -- crying out. He added I think it and I thought Britain had -- it's flat that's what and that Josh was comforting him why did you think that. Because he had until its foot on property that -- -- and he had cried out. And it hit and it's what with very tender and it's very. -- it's very painful and. And so this so I admit I'm at and I and it thing. Yeah let me just check out how I'm -- I'll just take -- just take that way tan. If it's really -- you don't just take him taking apps that Cox's. And that's about it so that's what I'm thinking and then I realized that. -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- and I could not affluent and -- any minute too many too much time I think that are now. And on pounded on the door and too much time at current high and it smiled at someone actually car which is to -- and that. And I thought my current and it happened. A few minutes Clinton house followed.

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{"id":15550794,"title":"Powell Case Worker on Boys' Final Moments","duration":"2:11","description":"Elizabeth Griffin-Hall gives an exclusive interview to ABC News' \"20/20.\"","url":"/2020/video/powell-case-worker-boys-final-moments-15550794","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}