'I Was Being Used'

Part 2: Public falsely led to believe Ravi outed roommate Tyler Clementi online.
7:40 | 03/23/12

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Transcript for 'I Was Being Used'
The death of Tyler -- wasn't just another random teen suicide. Death was part of -- -- over gay bully or say or. It coincided perfectly with the cresting wave of public outrage against bullying of gay teens. In a series of headline grabbing suicides. We have the power to make it. On September 21 2010. -- same day Tyler complained about -- webcam spying syndicated columnist a gay rights activist Dan Savage had launched his it gets better campaign. But that message never reached Tyler Clemente he jumped to his death the very next day. We were devastated by the loss of our -- and and -- more as the Clemente is grieve -- it gets better campaign catches fire gets. Celebrities politicians. Even companies like Google immediately jump on board the anti bullying bandwagon. His death really. Took the whole issue of two all -- -- and exploded. Savage says it was the result of an unfortunate mob mentality and that explosion was about to blow dollar -- -- to smithereens. There was finally a face that people could -- -- the -- finally villain. He was -- as being gay on the Internet and kill -- celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres sounded the alarms. Lady god god joins in tweeting bullying must become illegal it is a hate crime. Even President Obama chimes in on YouTube it breaks my heart. It's something that just shouldn't happen in this -- And what follows is a string of allegations one worse -- the next the public -- led to believe that -- not only watched Tyler having sex with his male lover. But that he secretly recorded the act. Posted the video online and -- -- his roommate out of spite. How is that hitting I was angry that people would. Make these statements about knowing what do you tells where a -- -- being used by every everybody. And sure enough much of what was reported it turned out to be wrong did you out. Tyler Clemente. No but then when he brought a guy over and he walked him and he doesn't fun of everyone he doesn't care. He's he's OK with it did you record him having sex and did you put anything online. Of him having sex now. Did you put people together in broad cast -- have exams -- that happened. But it was all said -- people believed it and what did that make you continue worst possible person -- -- the face of the bully yeah. But Robbie says when he first heard Tyler was missing he was deeply concerned. His suspicions directed and mystery date and Tyler brought into his room. Known as -- My first thought when it was -- damage some of the wrong guy and now something's happened to have what was going through my head is. I wish I recorded some things so -- have a definitive guide to give the police were you sad when you found out that Tyler was that. Yes. American human saddened this happening this kid that I knew it was -- review of how normal he seemed. -- -- violinist had been in turmoil. Unbeknownst to -- and lost in the media crush Tyler had been writing about his own depression. His loneliness and the rejection he -- after coming out to his parents I was very surprised him it was start. No one knew exactly wide Tyler Clementi killed himself but Robbie felt he might have had something to do with it what goes through your mind. First thought as -- -- myself it is because of me. Why would -- be because of view toddler thought. You know -- -- song having sex but there was much from the -- And investigators quickly uncover evidence of that guilt. Deleted tweets and texts encouraging his friend Molly did tell police the first web -- viewing was accidental. What was going on in your mind why were you doing those things I was trying to fix what happened that's always -- -- Was -- I know I committed crimes I want to cover those up -- not a lot of the police are less understanding. It's. -- -- really know what it would. Whom you believe what. They bring -- -- -- for some aggressive questioning. Here immediately release -- So how do we did they came away from it feeling that you lied to them you know that's was portrayed -- and did you bully Tyler -- now I -- envoy tuchman -- do you think you misunderstood how fragile he once I really don't think. He was very fragile I think he -- don't like talking to people -- that the long enough time I don't think you know just because he's gay doesn't mean. -- aren't accurate fragile I can't do it and how could he not be fragile. And have jumped off the George Washington Bridge. Com. Something had to be very wrong right there's only -- the meant to be very -- And something was wrong. -- learned Tyler complained about him so he sent his roommate a poignant and revealing text message you told -- you knew he was okay. From the beginning you told them that it wasn't a problem. For you. And that this was a misunderstanding. And he had guilt yet why did you wanted to know these things. -- -- -- -- -- I know that he -- -- -- and third period. Our immediate comment he shouldn't feel pressured to do is that this is -- -- X I want to understand that I'm not there it's. To making steel intimidator anything. However that tax doesn't stop authorities from bringing a case. Last spring the Middlesex County prosecutor's hand down a fifteen count indictment. The major charges bias intimidation I hate crime in New Jersey -- also multiple charges of invasion of privacy. As well as witness and evidence tampering. He invaded Tyler Clementi is privacy repeatedly. And he did commit -- hate -- he's Twitter -- said whoa he's making out with the -- yea if that's not a bias crime. What did this punching him in the face and saying something nasty about -- being gay. Is that what our society has to come to Chris the fact issues that invasion of privacy and words do devastate. Steve Goldstein is the chairman and CEO of garden state equality. And the first to call Tyler -- -- death a hate crime the. Impact that it had those words had on Tyler Clemente. Would devastating how do we know Chris some tragedies so awful they speak for themselves. Can you think of another cyber bullying case where. None of the electronic messages were directed to the victim. I would I don't have an answer that -- have to check I can't find the case is unusual enough that the prosecution offers a plea deal. They say no jail. Community service. But. What was the but. Diets. Go up there defined terms under oath and say I did this because I had this hate for -- people fastest American ever -- -- -- You always -- you know you my regret not taken a plea deal Monday Antonio I'm never gonna regret. Not been completed what I would regret. -- and fighting for my son's story.

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{"id":15991759,"title":"'I Was Being Used'","duration":"7:40","description":"Part 2: Public falsely led to believe Ravi outed roommate Tyler Clementi online.","url":"/2020/video/ravi-tyler-clementi-rutgers-roommate-gay-hate-crime-15991759","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}