The Jury's Verdict

Part 4: Ravi plans to appeal his conviction.
1:34 | 03/23/12

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You're. Just last week a quiet Rutgers campus awaiting the return of students from spring break. A few blocks away at the Middlesex County courthouse -- room rather it is waiting to. What did you think the verdict was going to -- -- don't want to let yourself get hold full Soviet. If I don't think about it and to do with it -- -- and when it is read what did you think. I -- my reaction was. How did they come -- to come openers. Count why can't help to. This was a resounding. Guilty outfits. All fifteen counts. So I could understand how to dominate every single thing. I mean initially -- thought you know maybe I'm wrong about myself men. What the prosecution -- that I'm cruel and hateful and all of this event. More thought about that I figured maybe they catch computers into suicide media -- and the losses. Tyler's suicide. The elephant in the courtroom. You weren't supposed to consider the fact that Tyler Clementi is dead right when he took his own life. Is that possible did not factor in our. Decision at all. And what they call a very close case the decision the jury reached may have had as much to do with what they did not see and hear. First. So don't -- -- had -- gay friend that he had an open relationship with. You -- -- -- have seen all of these other things that happened as not being believed. We're folk Tyler were never have the thoughts of being intimidated -- -- And the jury never saw a note found in Tyler's backpack. What's -- it to characterize it as suicide note it might be -- characterization but whatever was not it was who -- By him. Let's say within twelve hours of -- of his death you would certainly want to see that and they wouldn't -- -- -- -- -- Its design plans grounds they say for an appeal already in the works for Robbie is -- clearly not over. And for Tyler's family there is no end to the -- -- they suffer every -- trials people for us as it would be for any parent who. -- never made any public statement never offered condolences to the Clemente it's something he was criticized school. His attorneys insist that was clear call what in this interview and Robbie had something to say. I was told that I thought you know in a very -- -- very nice and one most players people that I ever met. And I would just tell them that I had no hate and I -- and -- me either do you think you misunderstood. Tyler Clemente. Yeah I think what I thought was about him being quiet and shy I think I should try harder to break through that. -- -- no -- In the wake of the verdict a surprising shift in the media from -- the villain to robbing the victim. Heated debates over the fairness of the law and how it was supply. You don't think he's any criminal. I don't think he's eight he's not your classic. You know kkk. Hate criminal he's not and that's what that law was intended for -- -- -- -- were no question about that. Even Dan Savage of the it gets better campaign has reservations. Of about this case. So there is an unseemly rush to an all responsibility. For Tyler Clementi has done on quality and -- This should help blame it on to these two young and foolish thoughtless teenager's shoulders. We need to look to the other investments life. To prevent. More cases like. Those -- other events may have included difficulty coming out to family and friends. We don't know ultimately went broke Tyler -- It feels like Robbie is being sacrificed for the sins of all when it really is our entire culture and now -- largest insurance. And no lessons really been learned. But Steve Goldstein of garden state equality says the impact of this case is already being felt. Parents across the country. Are now talking about bullying with their kids. No parent wants to see his -- be the next -- -- and potentially spend time in jail. That is the lesson that this case will have society. And yet. -- is reason to look at this situation has them right message. On the wrong case sorry right message right case. -- Rabin was a bully he did make Tyler committee's life horrible. The verdict she -- Goldstein believes the judge should show leniency on sentencing. A belief that the maximum possible sentence of ten years is way too much. This is a man who should get a year to -- Even though I was in the one that. Cause him to jump off the bridge. I didn't do -- wrong so you're not saying that. You want no punishment. Now nothing. You could. Which -- not what. I was stupid about -- -- stuff. So it's only fair yet. But if you're looking for a heartfelt apology for being a bully will not get it from -- -- Robbie Robbie says he would rather go to prison and face deportation. -- admit any kind of bias or hate. Prison. Kicked out of the country there. Admit that what you did to Tyler was to intimidate him because he was. I need to let the prosecution know for -- I know that. You can't tell me what I'm thinking and you can't say this is -- you think just as we war I think that -- needs to be sent. -- and now he's learned the hard way that instead of on line. Some messages are best delivered in person. Yeah I -- what I talked to a more because. -- -- -- the only people he was talking to. People either online that would -- see him murdering trainers iron I think. Maybe that's one. -- -- -- -- -- And -- health.

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{"id":15991913,"title":"The Jury's Verdict","duration":"1:34","description":"Part 4: Ravi plans to appeal his conviction.","url":"/2020/video/ravi-tyler-clementi-rutgers-roommate-gay-hate-crime-bully-15991913","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}