A Reason for Reckless Behavior?

Part 3: Lusk family claims son's death left Lusk depressed and vulnerable.
8:16 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for A Reason for Reckless Behavior?
What ever happened in the Los -- 1 April afternoon last year. Sent lurid rumors ricocheting around Prosser Washington. -- -- denies she gave oral sex to her daughter's fourteen year old ex boyfriend. But says there were some agonizing confessions. She needed to make her her daughter. You say OK you know what you're hearing is entirely true but I did have signed an appropriate to Eckstein in contact with. This kid I was. Mortified at the pain that I -- my family. How did you learn about this -- Late night conversation. -- -- needed talked was. Incredible unbelievable how to keep you head -- -- I don't know that I did I was pretty. Upset to say the least you -- -- kids. -- questions -- what the hell are you thinking. And the revelations only mushroomed. Kevin learned that after the boy repeatedly asked for a photo of her naked Linda sent him a picture of herself in a -- It's like a kid asking for candy 500 -- to funny just go here have a case in all its. I regret it was a -- yes. Partisan talk about this idea because of embarrassing -- mean. I can't believe I did it. We talked about there's two things that need to happen -- needs to happen tomorrow one of those who thinks you better make contact with the police and you better contact his parents. Because those for the right things to do. The next morning Linda called the boy's mother Heidi frank. She just -- you know I really liked it together and talk to you -- -- Grown very fond of your son and we've been texting each other back and forth for the last few months and lately it Scott inappropriate -- my partner. What is going through Europe to have as a Casey's phone call it never got. -- get a visit from the prospect police department banks -- pleased Communists have anything to do with and a mask. -- -- -- -- -- The unbelievable. Very quickly became the stuff of daily headlines. And full -- television coverage another shocking twist in the case of former -- Maryland the last. There was of certain frenzy to it and there's no doubt about it this sucks for you sitting there yeah. I feel sensitive to them man to man why are you here. Hello my wife. I believe her I support her. And I'm here probably because somebody actually asked the question. How the hell could this happen. The -- family says they believe they know the reason for -- reckless behavior. -- it all stems from personal tragedy and a boy and not -- the boy was Linda's son Taylor. Content and income -- him. Taylor born with a disorder called -- so we thirteen which severely disabled his body and heart wasn't expected to live a week. But by grace and the sheer force of a mother's love by 2009. He was fifteen years old in the center of Linda -- existence. -- is everything for -- and me she -- with him. 24 hours -- -- Literally Linda did everything for Taylor she had to feed change and move him. And then there was his breathing. It became something I had to do very frequently was rescued reading countless times Linda had literally -- started his heart. Tireless in her devotion to help her baby boy -- -- But fate would eventually win on a spring afternoon two years ago. Linda left Taylor at home with her other kids as she often did to work -- while at her handbag shop. By the time she got back Taylor's breathing had stopped once more and this time would be the last. I just found him. In his bed not breathing. I blame myself a little -- that I wasn't -- Think that I can't stop it for me it was hard to lose my rather flat I I definitely knew it was coming in million times harder for her. Linda's family says she changed and suffered a kind of post traumatic stress disorder. Steeped in depression and guilt after Taylor's death. And while Linda was anxious to care for others she did nothing for herself I never sought professional help. -- have to do something I'm talking about the grief part you need to get -- -- he need to go talk to somebody. We did it depression. Is not just being blue and said. It literally is a disorder that can overtake. Who you are as a person -- and -- -- just. My son died of course I was sad but I didn't realize. How. Bad -- My whole way of life with con. I make it up in the morning and go into his room just automatically into. Up there. Into that. Empty space came Bubba Franks a young man who -- perceived as being in need of some care and -- I felt like I needed to just. Be what this kid needed help him in whatever way -- -- it. You believe this was a little bit of a replacement. Absolutely. And at the time I don't think it was a conscience to the decision but. Absolutely and -- -- The villain and need -- -- If she hadn't you know suffered the loss from Taylor and posited this wouldn't have happened. If Linda -- actions had -- hidden motivations. Bubba Franks had his two. Friends noticed these special attention -- showed him and some of them had seen the -- and the broad picture. The friends are daring you to push it. Every what's the law leaders -- motivation from my friends to do. And you -- right to be honest about that this was exciting that. You don't look like somebody gets pushed around this accident red if you do something you want to let. So it's time to go from text to something else it. Once -- -- version of what happened next got out. His desire to keep a friendship -- Linda's daughter Carly was pretty much in smithereens. I didn't like that he. Was it any way you and alters my mom I hated that bothers you that he's seen -- a victim. Yes my mom she's not completely innocent but she was taking advantage of Lynch's very vulnerable and that -- sad. Any regrets about the impact on -- -- -- gestures. Everyone looks -- -- -- People alike. She messed around -- -- -- it. It's hard to come out here. After Linda lost to voluntarily gave a statement to police the county prosecutor took over. Charge -- with the crime child molestation third degree in. There was never any doubt in our mind that there's less would be convicted. Sexual predator. Sexual assault molestation. All of these big scary words that we usually apply. The frightening man who do horrible things -- little girls. Your mom is now -- to that -- were you afraid that she was going to go to jail for very long time. I gotta love her to death and I am I don't want my -- to go away so it I just it was scary to think that I was even a possibility. Yeah. He became more of -- probability that the prosecution move to level even more serious charges it's like only craft. -- -- you know freaking out.

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{"id":14937823,"title":"A Reason for Reckless Behavior?","duration":"8:16","description":"Part 3: Lusk family claims son's death left Lusk depressed and vulnerable. ","url":"/2020/video/reason-reckless-behavior-14937823","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}