Regis Philbin: The Perfect Co-Host

Part 3: The women traded quips with Regis for years have their say.
8:16 | 11/17/11

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Transcript for Regis Philbin: The Perfect Co-Host
-- are you feeling now. -- -- -- -- that I feel like I. Part of -- every step of the you know trying to and I forgot -- I used to watch it every day. And don't watch every game -- I'm hearing it every night and I can't anger senate Pelé Reid says and -- -- Kelly -- but calls him big daddy Kathie Lee Gifford meanwhile called him out Regis. And -- to on the line up of cohosts Regis has had through -- years but no matter what they called him. He called then his work wives. If only all marriages worked that well. In the -- good dynamic comedy to close you'll find Abbott & Costello Martin and Lewis Lucy and Ricky. And Regis Philbin with just about anyone who sits beside him -- -- -- yeah. A class photo of his former co host is like a collection of the most popular girls and school. Leading ladies who learned from the best the morning maestro himself. I think I learned from regions. To be authentic on camera and I think it -- when I came -- ballet and started this opening. Dialogue with him. That was just a bit new for me. With his golden haired cohost Sarah Purcell can Regis which -- TV gold. This segment called host -- This what is this you're wearing -- -- are currently doing the bold he would be his secret sauce for the next three decades. Don't get too excited about -- well he's being honest isn't he is being honest that no riders and no holds barred he said -- Would your husband mind if I called in the guerrilla. Okay he. As you know the whole monologue at the beginning is about what you did the night before so. You don't talk about any of that. Had a time and it worked it absolutely worked so -- the guerrilla by the way. There is something about working with Regis you really. Have to exposure personal life I mean you've -- every -- Cook although I then we appreciate it and -- -- -- -- old. And they -- talk about marriage it was 1980 and his morning crash got the attention of network brass and NBC wanted him. And heat. Wife Mary -- Good morning everybody it's Friday and I'm walking down Rodeo Drive and yet I see -- camera crew up the street. I walk by in all of a sudden Regis Philbin. Stands up interrupts what he's doing and he goes she's won the Regis Philbin show got canceled after just seven months but for -- It was the chance of a lifetime you know as Mary let steps here and a -- and she's -- that went. He had left this booming. Popular -- Locally to go to the network and then the rug was pulled out completely from both of us and I eight. Lucked out. I'm very hard for Entertainment Tonight they came to talk to me. About what it feels like to be on a show that's canceled. -- -- neat and to the next day they offered me a job I think he held it against me for a very long time. Regis moved back to local TV. This time in the Big Apple trying to find the next big break. -- worked with Cindy Garvey and then and abernathy. But in 1985. The maestro met his match the result. TV dynamite. Here comes that -- I put on my sneakers into the run because I was so -- -- Good Morning America to time. And came in all breathless and. Every morning. I comments here the first week we work together. He called me one right back pretty much -- -- and that the sparks flew. Even New York City couldn't contain the fire. On September 5 1988. -- just -- go national once again and this time this death. Would stick. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think in a weird way if you if you hate reality television today. You sort of have to blame. Region myself for that because we were the first ones that I know -- -- -- got paid to talk about their lives for live. Even wanting to do this for thirteen years -- sales this is as close as you can have a gasoline supplies. Seemed so real in fact that people actually thought Regis and -- -- were married. Think she -- she must keep -- -- Even now after eleven years of not being with the many more professionally we just will announce his but his presence as he's coming through that door. That's right we just that they are that's right the king -- -- -- good hair she won't leave -- alone. You know people. Very often called me Kathie Lee because we happen to resemble each other and people would see him with a red head -- think it it was of course Kathy. -- yesterday we had one of our many crises. Oh you mean because and that's thinking and -- I. The most frequent substitute photos from 1975. Until today has -- -- -- them. We shared a lot more than a -- with Regis for 41 years women have asked me if I have had. To deal with any jealousy is because after all he does spend a lot of time. With very beautiful very Smart women we have been married so long that. Those but those worries sparked that dissipated. No funny business with his -- but Regis still managed to create an awful lot of funny. Yeah. -- the entire time working with Regis. Was really fun. And I knew dad every day was going to be different primarily -- -- to -- -- -- -- -- household and we've had you're out there. Sure it's clean. You know you just you never know what's gonna happen. Prejean eating and -- -- -- how much. One of my favorites was the first we were the first ones to put on the -- -- high school real feisty crowd oh yeah 3COM. I don't really I mean you. But despite -- out of -- act. At this magical device okay. The delight I -- I iPad iPad yeah behind the scenes he was barely connected. With Regis fears I had with him I got married. I had both of my children I went through a lot of drama and the -- in the public guy I remember I was going through something at the time and all of a sudden reach the knock on my job. -- -- -- -- Ready let's do it and he walked me pull my hands -- he didn't have to do it but that's what friends do for one. As of -- closes this long chapter of his life and his former co -- want something. They never got from him on the -- The last -- from the region really think you're gonna hang up pierce tanks and retire I don't think so I really don't have as much as you tease me about being responsible for my career. -- -- -- way you have then I'm glad that whatever is ahead. For both of us really share that we'll be together and it's going to be an adventure. Region may -- mean he's made some difference for the years and now here's one last little song -- about the future. Best is yet to come and babe won't -- be means.

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{"id":14978798,"title":"Regis Philbin: The Perfect Co-Host","duration":"8:16","description":"Part 3: The women traded quips with Regis for years have their say.","url":"/2020/video/regis-philbin-perfect-host-women-traded-quips-over-the-years-kelly-2020-14978798","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}