Revenge for Real: New Love

Part 3: Steve Nunn meets Amanda Ross and life begins to turn around.
7:50 | 03/14/12

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Transcript for Revenge for Real: New Love
The none legacy has taken a dismal turn. The governor's son has been possessed by his -- demons and failed to advance the political dynasty. But just as -- dreams of greatness seemed to be in tatters his life and his career are rejuvenated. When a new woman named Amanda Ross enters his life. Amanda's mother Diana -- calls -- gracious joyful girl. She led him to task she had no trouble making them. The center of attention. At a party -- The man she liked it just walked into the room and opened in the news ever bought in the -- he should igniting you got to know. In the genteel world of Kentucky society Amanda Ross isn't just a pretty face. She -- a natural politician that she had imagined yet she did she really did Amanda wants to be a player just like Steve -- She really violent act career in politics and I think that's -- through our tasting. Despite their 27 year age difference on Paper Stephen Amanda make some sense as a couple. She is also the child of a powerful politically connected and recently deceased father. The public financing year Terrell -- They began dating in 2007. For Steve the upside is obvious. He was low kind of bottomed out. Now he -- this literally. The vessel of youth. She's young she's vital she's got potential she's got acting she's political everything he needed. Within a few months Steve moves into Amanda's Lexington apartment and they are the talk of the town she -- covers. And it was really. She was really happening. Things are on the upswing the couple gets engaged on Amanda's -- -- ninth birthday in 2008. True to form Steve -- political fortunes are mirroring his personal life. He crossed party lines to endorse Democrat Steve this year for governor. Did them because they hear never in my heart it's right that. And been rewarded with a plum appointment overseeing social welfare programs including those dealing with child and spousal abuse. His signature issue as a legislator. He had -- sister -- this attack he was thrilled with this job he was the number two man. He had finally come back to point. -- Meanwhile Amanda lands a job at the state department of insurance she's positioning herself beautifully to launch her own political career. At least that's how it looks on the outside. But behind closed doors. They were two people that should never have been together. Zero and Amanda both had substance abuse problems. Well I think when you take a couple and they -- -- intoxicated. That they get jealous. There are not themselves and the relationship. Becomes volatile. Friends like penny Bentley remember Jerry Springer moments -- a dust up at this local restaurants. He. Called -- vengeance she got a hold of the blast -- water and flat locked out. What did you. Think he should continue to state and have dinner and drinks. Another time at a -- lake house similar antics when Amanda -- Steve is to timing and he won't let her look at his emails. He wouldn't have a passport this computers she. There are crap where. Take two fiery personalities and plenty of and toxic -- and two fingers of jealousy. And suddenly the love that was supposed to be Steve's last best chance ends up bringing out the worst in him. She hit him. And he'd be on her when she told me he hit -- her. She's just -- very defeated. Them to understand it really were friends telling her this is -- for you to stay away from him. I didn't like why are you with him you're beautiful young girl you know mind. -- -- -- -- -- Steve's attorney -- scope bill believes Amanda stayed for a reason she wanted to do -- She wanted to get a domestic violence petition against him -- an order to ruin his life. According to that controversial theory Amanda was infuriated by Steve's abuse and plotting revenge the trick. Using Steve's own bad behavior to bring him down. She was a Smart woman she worked for the state she knew. If -- dvd. Order against him would probably means a loss of his job. Amanda's friends say that is not true. But in any case things come to a boil on the night of February 17 2009. At the Lexington apartment. Like many lovers squabbles this one begins over something small. Chicken wings. He was in there watching TV and she sits at about 1 o'clock the next night we'll get some feelings. And it's not -- so they got into an argument. He got actively and she ran downstairs. Locked the door. He pushed her and then hit her. She said she didn't hit him -- -- -- and studies thanks for rain she did have a nice sized grain. And then eventually. -- -- -- Later that evening Amanda calls penny and other friends telling them she's planning to file for an emergency protection order. -- -- Asked not really think about that -- I think is that a baby into your relationship because. Look at -- she's got emerged protective order and and that -- cameo actor and he could lose his job you know he's political and will come out what. And that is exactly what happens -- an emergency protection order. After she claimed and hit her the case becomes the lead story in Lexington. A judge rules -- unquestionably. Hit Amanda and grants a restraining order requiring Steve to have no contact with her. Four year. I was told. That point she walked out of the courtroom the judge -- Issued. POU. Frazier and its god do you believe that in any way that order. It was an attack. On the -- in her life that usually use it to hurt him now she tell me it was only way she can get away from it was fear. Yes. That same day Steve -- tenders his resignation. This year could not afford day. -- -- -- -- -- As the number two man in the cabinet that oversaw all child and spouse abuse couldn't have it. I might get a moved into the alcoholic beverage commissioners on line and in that it was. All over. The former golden boy is now nothing more than a public disgrace. What he -- she coming back. Was now splattered room. To top it off the man is broke -- 650000. His father and left him was frittered away feeding -- various appetites. But there remained one -- Steve none felt he could afford and he'd get it no matter what the cost. Revenge. Since been killed. No really it. He's going to kill.

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{"id":15924471,"title":"Revenge for Real: New Love","duration":"7:50","description":"Part 3: Steve Nunn meets Amanda Ross and life begins to turn around.","url":"/2020/video/revenge-real-love-15924471","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}