The secrets behind Meghan Markle's personal style and looks: Part 5

Markle once designed a line for Canadian brand Reitmans in 2014.
3:00 | 12/02/17

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Transcript for The secrets behind Meghan Markle's personal style and looks: Part 5
Cc1 Test message Meghan Markle is already redefining royal style. The stone pathway of that kensington palace garden was really a global runway. Leading her into fashion history and 'tis tier and hysteria. The winter white coat from the Canadian company line the label and green dress crashed websites and sold out within minutes. Everything Meghan Markle wears from hereon out will sell out. Both coat and dress reissued with a new name. The Meghan. Oh, there's definitely a Markle sparkle. If that isn't hashtaged it will be soon. We are riding the beginning wave of what that Markle sparkle is. The Markle sparkle may be knew but her fashion status is not. Her signature style on the hit ptv show "Suits" first got her noticed. Rachel owned the idea of a pencil skirt and great pump. It was iconic to her but she made a paralegal look so stylish. Celebrity stylist Joe Z is a friend of Markle's and remembers their first get-together. Am I revealing something about a future duchess I shouldn't be? She was so nice. When Meghan was speaking to you that you were the only person in that room. On Yahoo style she defined her personal style. Still that California girl relaxed. I like to look polished and put together but an effortless quality just being from L.A. It looks so comfortable and stylish at the same time. A youthful spirit about that. It's very authentic where there is that laid back girl about her. Jessica mullrone is part of her inner circle. They're very good friends and you can see Jessica's influence on Mae gunmen. ??? So stylish. Ladies -- Meghan's style and fashion sense inspired the Canadian brand to ask her to design her own collection, all the dresses for under $100. I think people will really enjoy them. I hope. In 2016 royal fan Christine Ross noticed the fashion frenzy about that new girl prince Harry was dating and with a friend created Meghan's mirror in her honor. Anything you have seen her wear in public, in photographs, we have located those items and made them available to people. And those items became a hot ticket, even in the early days of her relationship with prince Harry. She would carry a bag or wear a coat and immediately everyone would want to buy it and it pwould sell out. That is what's called the Meghan effect. Some style experts believe her impact could be greater than Kate's. Meghan is more approachable and has a relatability to the way she dresses. She will bring an injection of sexiness frankly because for all of princess Kate's attribu attributes I don't think sexiness gets attributed to Kate all that often. Sexiness is the message they're going for there. That doesn't mean Kate will need to step up her game. I don't know that Kate and Meghan are going who is going to look better today? I think Kate and Meghan are confident as to who they are that they're their own people. Meghan's style choices break the rules in the royal etiquette handbook. When you look at Kate's own engagement interview with prince William, she was wearing a sleeve dress where Meghan wore sleeveless. They're talking about the fact that Meghan did her interview bare armed. Here's Meghan just sun's out, guns out. There she is. She chose that without panty hose. That is a big deal and I think that is a very modern take for someone who is going to be stepping into the royal family. But some royal traditions are hard to avoid. Do I believe she's marry Harry and trade those baseball caps in, yes. She's going to go to town with the fascinators. I can't wait to see it. What might not be so fun for her is saying goodbye to the shorter sexier looks. I think the royal family might expect her to lose those short short dresses because you have got to get in and out of a lot of cars and don't want to flash a huge amount of thigh. Meghan is not the first to make that transition to real-life princess. She's like our modern day grace Kelly. They're both American actresses marrying into these storied royal families. Meghan has had multiple dress rehearsals for the special day. You may have seen her in the TV movie "When sparks fly" or as the bride in this scene on "Suits". You can't see me in my dress. Come with me for a sneak peek. She gave hello magazine a tour when picking that wedding dress. If a girl can dream, this is where you want to begin. This is her princess moment. Absolutely. At her first real life-wedding to Trevor Engleson. She wore simple chic. Doesn't feel over the top. I feel like that's who Meghan is but I think for this particular union we're going to see something that's just a tad more fanciful. I think they want an element of fantasy. The fantasy was born with princess Diana's fairytale dress, puffed sleeves, tafita and a 25 foot train. Wedding gowns are a reflection in which the time they were made. When we look at princess Diana's wedding gown, we wouldn't see that today in 2017. Kate's slim tailored Alexander Mcqueen was a sleeker fairytale dress made for a modern millennial princess and for Ghan? Stop fantasizing about the strapless gown she's going to wear. Meghan Markle has to cover up her shoulders. That is the one thing I can guarantee you. Meghan's walk down the aisle will be the biggest catwalk of all. We all know who the prince will be but who will be the lucky designer. I want to put my money on Stella Mccartney. She is British royalty and young and fun. I think can make that perfect wedding dress. For Meghan. No matter who the designer is next may at Windsor castle Meghan will step out in that dress and step into history.

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{"id":51525342,"title":"The secrets behind Meghan Markle's personal style and looks: Part 5","duration":"3:00","description":"Markle once designed a line for Canadian brand Reitmans in 2014.","url":"/2020/video/secrets-meghan-markles-personal-style-part-51525342","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}