Behind the Selfie Taken with a Known Murderer

Michael Mandell says he took the photo thinking it would be the last time he saw his friend Tyler Hadley.
3:00 | 04/03/14

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Transcript for Behind the Selfie Taken with a Known Murderer
And I have to show you something here because this is something that I know -- faced a lot of heat forced to take this healthy with him. Why did you take this picture -- -- isn't your customers -- -- So this was to remember him. A lot of people look at this picture and they say. -- -- He doesn't care he's taking -- peace with Tyler after Tyler -- and killed his parents -- -- say to those people. -- -- that you know is irrelevant you know look at what -- picture in my mind of its ties my own. Yeah that's a very sad picture I don't look happy at all. So -- disparate. Did he make you take this picture. -- lots of -- hookah. And what was going through your mind you taking this picture you already know that he's a murderer. -- you know this -- that went to the picture arts scene in the bodies. I gotta tell you a lot of people would have a hard time taking a picture with somebody who knows -- murder. Actor he finally did how did you do. Still to this day I'll never -- -- as a murderer he's my long. -- -- longtime childhood friend that's all -- Siemens progressed mullah. So your memorializing your friendship right here this might be blasphemous. -- apple. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This title to all this he looks like he's poses he doesn't look. He doesn't look weary. He has -- the -- he has a care in the world he looks like he's posing. You know. -- in Tyler when -- look at that picture. -- very word to mean he does he -- very -- -- looks very scared. And how do you look at this picture. I looked disgusted and no I look like. But this is the worst thing in my life. -- -- --

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{"id":23171773,"title":"Behind the Selfie Taken with a Known Murderer","duration":"3:00","description":"Michael Mandell says he took the photo thinking it would be the last time he saw his friend Tyler Hadley.","url":"/2020/video/selfie-murderer-23171773","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}