From Street Performer to Billionaire

Part 1: Guy Laliberte, founder of Cirque du Soleil, was a clown with a dream.
7:53 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for From Street Performer to Billionaire
The music Michael Jackson. Head with the magic of system so they. Blitzer -- so many legendary Diego he's okay. He's studying them touches his genius who have made him the most successful -- -- -- I have listened. Thank you everybody else second done -- they need for the personal loans from about 2.5. Yeah. And the acrobats and since his performance have been rehearsing for -- -- And welcome change. So far nothing really. I'm very happy -- Michael Jackson feel more -- world tour. The largest and most any. Haven't gotten my second summit. It was a great creative person very similar to we are -- -- is so -- a dreamer. He was always a -- -- mention. Blowing -- at the vaccine candidate. His best this morning to -- the world. So he left home at sixteen but his -- according. Playful Mohandas K and then did not have been taken -- And there were fifty dollars in my pocket my spending my first night. On the bench area and no I rely on the -- secure room -- -- -- -- on this bench. Yeah repellents -- performance million can walk and stuff. And he returned home to Canada. With an idea. Dream -- among -- -- community of Quebec. About doing your own circus decide to. -- shut. Out went for than last and the performing animals. And then -- his jaw dropping displays a vigilante gangs and they should just so they was well received in the back. Thank -- knew we had. I knew -- to survive we've seen so I have to export -- out of Canada you to accept -- -- To California this and community -- and that was a huge risk we basically to call -- -- blast any. Put everything on the train and truck senate to Italy if we didn't. Succeed there we approach that no money to bring back recruitment and I think in Minnesota is basically live or die and Natalie. He convinced Thomas Schumacher and then director of the 1987. Los Angeles arts festival in against the pistons -- -- -- he exuded such confidence men and woman or mule. Would fall for -- Oliver -- He could charm anybody that the time no one understood this. -- -- Relief yet from the company's high wire again hope I don't it's. Obama's weekend he has to do shows independence. -- If you have this awesome. Totally have the best show on the world. Easy thankless time -- must think we'll -- his second -- show. Among his most creative and -- production. Justice -- don't want. If you're sick just -- -- that I saw was. And Las Vegas this farming they come up and down they -- track lists three years and half of experimentation. Are all kind and water. You don't dictate to wonder what to. Water you have to adapt to deliver new -- This year for the -- time. Tickets -- council passed a billion dollars. Every news show begins here in Montreal after eighteen accountants for 65000. Employees and performance. It's an incubator of creativity. With the circus is being reinvented -- we have artists coming from -- fifty countries only in the world mere microcosm of this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And listen to do you. Could put the costume shop -- the biggest in the world. More than 400 autos and -- been dating. And create costumes and masks wigs pension. And he loves to travel and continue twenty. Two years ago fiftieth birthday present himself he's made 35 million dollars to become -- 71. -- don't expect from spending nine days in the international space. Yeah. I -- a personal challenge -- needs to get back to -- feeling when I was in the street that's cool feeling of freedom. Is it true that you put a red nose on market current actually yes sir why -- isn't allowed -- tea leaves here. Yeah being there. On Paper it's okay by that you -- -- spend money. Melissa literally investing in convincing to -- again a lot of money into charities. He himself his -- to help provide clean morning in developing countries through what he has called his one drop foundation. He owns an island in French Polynesia. A sailboat and five houses his five children including to do with his partner former model Claudia Barilla. No marriage when. And. You know the ask you to see some worries -- -- made me promise things when you get married it will be a life so. I don't want to sign of something I just -- How else the person you're living it isn't listening she does she noticed it as much and has -- marriage. Do you still take risks -- One of the risks that you take. You love to play -- Yes and invested your -- speaking -- to. Reportedly. He has one of -- seven million dollars in the last five he is playing high stakes are. Who do not show a martian with the Michelle Yeoh poker -- -- -- -- -- that's a story that was short one. He also has the distinction and losing the most money in a single hand of poker. -- 850000. Dollars. Part of the -- Taking personality. Is the ability to overcome failure most of us would go home and crime probably for many days. He's just shakes it off one -- the things that -- billionaire successful. Is their reaction to failure. -- -- man who followed history -- test the kid who started on the streets and now. You are letting other people can. By coming to us -- just. Everything -- years to entertain attendees. Can make people -- have their problems. And this is great this -- for themselves.

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{"id":14839830,"title":"From Street Performer to Billionaire","duration":"7:53","description":"Part 1: Guy Laliberte, founder of Cirque du Soleil, was a clown with a dream.","url":"/2020/video/street-performer-billionaire-14839830","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}