Syrian Americans Feel Pride, Conflict for Both Homelands

There are about 300,000 Syrian Americans living in the United States.
4:39 | 09/02/13

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Transcript for Syrian Americans Feel Pride, Conflict for Both Homelands
If you think you don't know anyone with Syrian routes they began how about Paula Abdul -- Syrian American. Steve Jobs -- current Syrian and -- actress Teri Hatcher. And -- signed bell. -- in there about 300000. Syrian Americans living and prospering in the US with big communities in LA Detroit New York City. And New Jersey. A lot of -- some professional engineers doctors my -- to lose their I was born and raised in Damascus Syria. My wife -- my daughter's experience from Sarah -- T areas director of Middle Eastern studies at the University of Southern California and the focus on the Syrian migration to America. Saying it can be -- Christian. To Danish. She's noticed how tensions from Syria have made their way here. People have lost friends because of disagreements the topic of debate at dinner tables we met with Syrian Americans in New Jersey just days before any expected military action we need decision until you. So that we can start rebuilding our country it's interesting -- -- our country this country is my country and that's my country it's part of your identity -- -- -- born in Syria jas means -- -- proud American pharmacist and mom too young children with her husband silence. As the leader of the free world I believe it's our. Moral responsibility to act salad a 33 year old plastic surgeon is one of four boys born in the US to Syrian immigrants. Someone's father -- he's also a surgeon left Syria 38 years ago. He fears for his family and friends back home. There's more than a 100000. My classmate at like one way was taken into. The nine months ago when he disappeared and and his family -- schools and talk to come to cut his body. Just two years ago assigned Jabbar made frequent trips back to Syria for his garment business. He says he even had dealings with serious current president -- -- And let them more than one occasion I don't think is a Smart guy. He is controlled by a circle of uncles you don't think he's calling the shots and saying that's going to -- not to buy of course is that we have been told to do -- -- necessary to prevail. How is that you have such connection to Syria and you -- Born there. When I'm here in the United States -- minority him I'm an Arab American. Muslim. When I'm in Syria I'm a minority I'm an American part of both worlds. We just won some and his younger brother my heart I think there. Felt compelled to join a service mission just this past may to help Syrian refugees in Jordan. I made a point when I was at the refugee camps in Jordan to ask everybody I meant -- what's your name. Because even -- I knew I couldn't remember it it was important to me that they knew that they were important I know if I was living in a refugee camp I saw that refugee camp. I wish. That most Americans seem reluctant to support major military involvement. People are anxious for us to get out of Afghanistan get out of -- rock and worried about a skating into another conflict. One of the quotes that I posted at the very beginning of this revolution. Is this something that Martin Luther King said and that is that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere and that applies 100%. To the situation. And it's our duty to act and I think if Martin Luther King was alive he would be whispering to his friend Barack Obama you need to do something about this. Still other Syrian Americans are not so sure including Mohamed Muqtada. Who says he doesn't have a problem with president -- I wish -- at this -- doesn't. Like I'm. -- nobody business about we're going out there. I personally don't believe that had been involvement by the US government will help in the situation at -- Rabbi -- a body of the congregation Edmund. To turn that country into a another Libya. Another chaotic place will become a big country -- lawlessness. And detrimental to US interest. Even with precision strikes innocent civilians could be at risk. I hate to even think of it -- -- these terms but that's what would happen. And it would be is that billion casualties there is no liberation coming out of fear of death. Today I think that the world and president Obama's greatest regret is not going to be having acted in Syria it's going to -- not having acted sooner.

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{"id":20139057,"title":"Syrian Americans Feel Pride, Conflict for Both Homelands","duration":"4:39","description":"There are about 300,000 Syrian Americans living in the United States.","url":"/2020/video/syrian-americans-feel-pride-conflict-homelands-20139057","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}