Tornado Threatens Bates Road Trip

Part 2: Family of 20 is forced to take shelter in a hotel lobby during storm.
7:51 | 08/24/11

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Transcript for Tornado Threatens Bates Road Trip
-- -- And boards and that how could you possibly find time to spend one on one time when he eighteen children. And one of the reasons -- -- -- -- -- that -- with my children that anger -- and sent -- that we're -- steady in science today. -- -- I'm so angry action this a way to instill values in your children says molested as -- airmen and -- got them. Through their education not just an education but also in character one man started mopping up -- in the ten man says candy good things. That they can be dangerous just like captains are they guys dressed in at least a time reactions. Kelly -- home schools all of her children. Over the military battalions. Today offers a break from school at home here in Knoxville Tennessee the -- Stanley is packing for a weeklong trip. Yeah. They're getting ready for their annual summer vacation. A road trip to a home schooling conference in big sandy Texas they're excited to see. And their famous big family friends and others and what. -- have paid vacation Bible school. -- on the Vigeland -- twins people that are ahead just you don't get they don't want the years I thought the reunion at three. It's a Tuesday 800 mile Odyssey that the -- embarking on from Tennessee to. Texas and in typical -- Stanley fashion the running behind schedule. -- -- -- -- They call it makes. -- -- -- -- be a little organized. -- today. An eight -- west condom breaks. -- harassing employees starting free agent when he was nothing for -- yourself. Support your car is fixing moving down the road and going places Kelly -- -- -- -- -- They're such -- spared at CNN center in harmony intersection joint laments and then -- a big -- -- Yeah machine. Didn't -- a there will be a lot of pit stops along the way but for this conservative Baptist family -- stop evening church services. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There are many people who might judge who would say it's irresponsible to have eighteen children. I guess we have to go back to some of the families that -- -- Few years ago when there -- can 1112. Children family. They had a lot less -- and we have now. And it seems like they turn out very well. Or party of twenty eating out is an exercise and precision. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Faith family and draws a lot of attention and don't forget about and not enough not aware -- okay. Pizza is a favorite family treatment it's a minimum eight to ten large pies -- -- -- Right down to -- last -- -- is nineteen -- -- -- has abandoned the land and a parent I'm. She Todd -- just -- away. It's. An -- then debates are off again he stopped at least. Eight -- eight. -- of course there are the frequent and expensive stuff for gas for their two vehicle caravan. -- But you know what God's company money. Police has been elevated to. At 3 AM -- -- are still in -- -- in ten hours they've traveled only 300 miles. Exhausted. -- stops at a motel and negotiates for a good price and easy. 43. -- -- With infants and toddlers and -- the entire families squeezes into three rooms adding -- -- -- -- right. Eighth. It'd be my can. Sorry -- -- Finally it's the first time today the boys are quiet and it's like now available from. And that's saying -- with only one child. Our families with just a few children. And the only way as our children they're happy when her mom they're happy -- that -- their funding from can't. By morning signs of last night's exhaustion and disappear house. With close to 500 more miles to drive everyone piled into the -- -- But there's a local news -- that a tornado touched down just my -- for her. -- and we're tracking tornado warning right now around often. 1520 minutes ago. The family take shelter mom being there. Okay. -- tornado. They are in the direct path of the tornado. They pretty good to protect this thing could -- another face -- the stones and now we look to god for our instruction. We pray about things were faces a payment. Like anything -- tries calmly to lay out the emergency plan. If there's a real story. And into being a real tornados have also OK everybody else to run around them and run around the corner down the hall about half way. Stop Brad their suit against the wall. It's. Kinda don't a look at the latest that you want to see it okay. Just run over there and sit there okay I'll be right there to thank. Until then what else. And. -- -- And when the sirens continued to sound the base management nerves through some. Okay. -- -- A -- The most -- -- you don't know sprayed with the tornado gone the family sets out on their second long day of life. Warning in the fifth still exist today. The storm clouds eventually giving way to sun and -- the caravan crosses the Mississippi River into Arkansas and it appears -- finally making some progress until mother nature's. Makes it so clear on how lake clarity and -- radio in New York on highway thirty -- Coughlin somehow way. -- parent's nightmare scenario how the -- --

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{"id":16982674,"title":"Tornado Threatens Bates Road Trip","duration":"7:51","description":"Part 2: Family of 20 is forced to take shelter in a hotel lobby during storm.","url":"/2020/video/tornado-threatens-bates-road-trip-16982674","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}