Best in TV!

Go behind the scenes of TV's greatest shows; Watch "Best in TV" Tuesday, 9/8c.
3:00 | 09/15/12

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Now on to some of the great neighbors we've known over the years from TV -- Here's Barbara Walters with viewer votes on the best in TV. Chris I assume that 20/20. Is your favorite TV program had -- -- But what country's favorite TV programs of all time. -- ABC news teamed up with People Magazine to ask you our view is when you bones according all the amazing events. Until Tuesday in the special -- our presentation we will find out. Huge challenges what did you think of the special -- categories like best comedy. Favorite TV -- Favorite reality show Kelly. -- the best show of all time. We'll be telling you that -- story of your favorite TV programs as well I will be talking to many of the star center. Coffee sharing some of the interviews that I'm done over the years as PDI congress like -- 5000 Johnny cautions. -- -- -- Shouted you liking me I think you'll love it. Dressed in Tuesday's special until I addition of 20/20 that -- is next Tuesday at 9 PM eastern 8 PM central. Right here I didn't see -- --

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{"id":17242825,"title":"Best in TV!","duration":"3:00","description":"Go behind the scenes of TV's greatest shows; Watch \"Best in TV\" Tuesday, 9/8c.","url":"/2020/video/tv-best-scenes-greatest-classics-2020-17242825","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}