Points of Light

Part 5: Donations from viewers provided clean water and more to those in need.
6:46 | 12/16/11

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As we said it was a year ago we ask you to join with -- to be the change save a life. But we had no idea -- would stun relief agencies with your generosity and we are ready to announce tonight that all of you. Contributed nearly one and a half million dollars. Money which is already having a multiplying effect as it reaches the people who benefit so much. Whoever saves a life is considered as if he saved an entire world. It's. In the farthest corners of the world mother's -- babies who would have died. -- families thrive. And cares enough to do so. -- Begin with water. In the jungles of the Central African Republic a trickle Bennett gusher for children -- to play in the first clean water -- ever seen. It comes from the well we showed you financed by charity water the brainchild of former Manhattan nightclub promoter Scott Harrison. This was the fact that blew me away. 80% disease and the planet earth was directly related to unsafe water so that was your that was -- He used his glamorous connections to family charity water and convince Americans to -- the dollar amount of their -- to dig wells around the world. -- teaching locals how to keep them pumpkin he hoped that you would see this in finance one well you did more. You gave more than a 100000 dollars in funded twenty water projects here in Ethiopia. Plagued by decades of drought. Look at their faces you did -- us. The. Our second success. I told you about -- thousands of children dying in Bangladesh from bacteria they picked up because there's no sanitation. No bathroom. New -- to bring clean water to places like Kosovo aluminum here -- doctors slumps. We're being told us how she lost her son -- going to an infection from the water. All she has left of him is -- got sick and he was three years old. In the last year all that -- 40000 dollars from -- more than they ever hoped for has -- gigantic difference I mean. Who. How tight governance and water to parties area. And she gave birth to a healthy baby boy Jim -- which means life. Ten clean faucets. An unexpected piece of art. A billboard on the side of one of the twenty brand new latrines five toilet seat that will keep the surrounding river from being used as a sewer. 5000 people drinking clean water. You did. You know who ruled Guatemala. Nine year old so far smaller than average chronic malnutrition in -- early childhood. The stunted the growth of 8% of the population. The average height for nine year old worldwide. And there half the -- -- We introduced you to dubbed it. He couldn't afford a better -- out. -- sweetened peanut -- -- -- Doe's fortified with vitamins minerals and milk powder. Barbados is brand new to Guatemala that's very exciting to be here giving it out for the first time. He -- -- -- progress in one Guatemalan village could inspire you to help. You gave 200000. Dollars enough to eat the peanut paste to children in five villages like this one -- key. There's an extraordinary accomplishment. Signs the company goes is working and one brother is 316. The younger one has been -- more nutritious food. And is nearly the same height as his older brother. Huge did this. You responded with thousands of desperate -- -- walking barefoot over 100 miles that journey to Kenya. Mothers carrying their children this woman giving birth by the -- on the way they were starving. Doctors in new refugee camps literally -- them back to life but back in Somalia to families who couldn't get out facing an epidemic of -- It Mogadishu's it would desperately trying to isolate those measles cases. -- -- -- -- -- -- He lived in new -- -- a quarter million dollars to keep children in Somalia alive. Enough for more than a million doses of measles vaccine. -- -- Midwives in rural India are testing the embrace infant warmer and easy to use low tech babies sleeping bag that can be used -- expensive incubators are in impossibility. It happened -- to regulate. -- -- launched after our program aired testing in the back -- of India. Showing how of plugging heater warms the wax and water insert that slips into the -- -- the embrace. The lacks heat to ninety degrees no hotter. After you saw the embraced tens of thousands of -- took action. We've collected about a 100000 dollars that will purchase warm -- for the immediate clinics at clinics that can't afford the pavement that. An -- babies will live here you did this story. We did this. All of us together. We're not done. The stories we told you tonight our points of light solution. And as seen there is no challenge to distance no obstacle too great to stop us from helping each other. From the grateful heart of a mother in India. From a contented child in Guatemala. Satisfaction of knowing that the human race and see across boundaries -- beyond languages. Join hearts from the other side of the world. -- did all list. And you just begun. And we. Also have a special challenge which we call our million moms challenge it's a call to action and we partnered with the United Nations Foundation and other organizations specifically. To help increase the strength and survival of young mothers and babies around the world. We are happy that as of today more than a 100000 of you have joined us triggering a 100000 dollar donation from Johnson Johnson. And BB center. You can still sign up and help -- go to million moms challenge dot com and we'll see you there.

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{"id":15176494,"title":"Points of Light","duration":"6:46","description":"Part 5: Donations from viewers provided clean water and more to those in need.","url":"/2020/video/water-clean-point-light-health-15176494","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}