An in-depth look at marriage and divorce, Hollywood-style.
2:32 | 01/27/12

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You -- Hollywood these days it seems like everybody's doing it breaking up. -- board of the rings and that's what we're taking a look at an all -- special 20/20 next week it's called holly wed. The I do lose the I'd don'ts and the pay for anything and that wedding -- I am. It's six glamour. But trail and total breakdown this Demi Moore rushed to the hospital ship response -- -- -- -- And the Hollywood headlines that come with them. Big names big Spanoulis. Demi and Ashton and Katy Perry and Russell Brand. -- -- after just fourteen months. And Heidi -- seeing sometimes -- end and sometimes you're out to my husband -- Bad for them but -- boom time for their lawyers. It's wild west time with Hollywood divorces it really is anything goes pretty much an and you get caught an assistant got -- it. Next week it's Hollywood goes holly -- way over the top weddings and even more expensive divorces. Plus the long term couples -- can -- endless love for their Steve Zahn and divorce is never never been an option for me. It's just like. Stewart and Edwards. Love stories like -- do you win. The TV star who married her childhood crush. Well I am particularly remember he used to babysit me and as getting a little weird -- -- And -- lucky fan who married her pop singer fantasy. When new -- turns into -- popped the question. This Thanksgiving the crowds singing -- and I can't think he's I'm like wow that girl is gorgeous. It was -- -- play notices is that happens. And what's it like when a plea -- marries a Playboy. Rock legend Gene Simmons. I received a wound to the content not smoke into the -- -- kill fellow -- Made sure what was -- loans -- small they can never come off. Highly -- the stories their publicists don't want you to know. And so they do. So remember to say I do the holly wed. Next week -- a special twenty --

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{"id":15461854,"title":"HollyWed","duration":"2:32","description":"An in-depth look at marriage and divorce, Hollywood-style.","url":"/2020/video/wedding-hollywood-celebrity-divorce-relationships-gossip-entertainment-15461854","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}