Whitney Houston's Big Comeback

Part 9: Whitney Houston receives solid reviews for a comeback album.
6:35 | 02/17/12

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Transcript for Whitney Houston's Big Comeback
With her turbulent marriage behind her Whitney Houston was on her own. And searching for a comeback. -- I think everybody wanted to come back from what -- everybody's fingers across everybody was praying everybody was hoping. Then came Whitney's new album I look to use in 2009. That was exciting to her she wanted to still. Be in it to still be competing to still be trying to show off. What she was and how great she could sing. Since it debuted at number one on the billboard charts and sold over a million copies. -- compared to the -- of -- Compare. -- -- It sounded good she just didn't sound like Whitney Houston. Baghdad became more apparent the more she performed. As the strains on the once golden voice intensified. During a difficult performance on Good Morning America Whitney openly acknowledged the problem. You know I talk so much to my life. -- -- -- Then Whitney Houston announced the world tour she went on tour. The people walked out. People walked out and asked for their money back. In this concert in Australia Houston takes a minute long haul us before attempting her signature high note. -- -- The big question. Could she still hit it. -- was still capable of moments that echoed her previous perfection. She had the audience at the 2009 American music awards spellbound. But her performances were becoming scattershot. Unpredictable. The erratic nature of some days you bring it in some days you can't is corrosive. To the brand and the image. OK. News. More importantly it was corrosive to Whitney Houston. Possibly her worst fears coming true. And making it even more difficult. Was the fact that Houston's misfires came at a time when mistakes could be watched any time. Anywhere. Like anyone. Internet had not been her friends at these recordings her performances would go viral. Add million commentaries have come on a talk about -- a trade -- she was. Janice Min says Whitney was becoming a star no longer famous for her talent but infamous for rehab stints and tabloid antics. Including a rumored odd couple romance with singer Ray-J seventeen years her junior. The only time he -- Whitney Houston in the headlines flip out at at the supermarket check -- the press. For all the wrong reasons there's just so many heart break from the last seniors with Whitney Houston. Too many for her to take you think for so many years she had everyone looking back at her. Love. An adult trade it. Q did not. Quite having. And then there were questions about her fortune. Although people close to her deny -- reports this week suggest the one time mega star was broke. Over the course of her career Houston made tens of millions of dollars and just how much was left at the end is unclear. But in recent years banks had tried to foreclose on two of her home. Yet for all appearances the star's lifestyle was still Blatche and she was traveling with Toronto -- family was -- ever. Hairdresser -- people make -- people she was still living like Whitney Houston from. 1990 it's happened over and over again. In the entertainment industry that someone who's earned more money than you could possibly imagine finds a way to spend all of that money. And 59 dollars that they don't -- -- But few could take any satisfaction in these unfortunate events. What we wanted most was to see the Whitney of old Houston on top. And the star herself believe. She could give us that again. She decided she was going to stage a big comeback this was going to be her year we. Learned -- reported issue had actually had her camp. Approached the X-Factor producers to get on the show she had looked at Jennifer Lopez and American Idol. As an example for her to follow to get back on television -- use that as a way to start selling albums again. And the key to her comeback was to be the movie sparkle scheduled to be released this summer. Producer Harvey Mason junior worked with Whitney on the movies vocal tracks as recently as four days before her death -- -- -- -- -- was. Be very optimistic and very excited about the project. It's a remake of an insider showbiz -- executive produced by Houston herself. Co starring American -- Jordin Sparks. Featuring two new. Whitney Houston songs she was doing all the things that she needed to do to keep her voice strong -- was working with a vocal coach who's doing exercises who was warming. You know what can I say she she. She was working really aren't. Back at work and trying to get back into the game not what Whitney had hoped for herself when she spoke with Diane Sawyer ten years ago. Ten years from now. Give me the perfect life for Britney used. The time they should. Sit in -- am -- doing -- corolla. Become angry woman of god. Among children and and --

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{"id":15741621,"title":"Whitney Houston's Big Comeback","duration":"6:35","description":"Part 9: Whitney Houston receives solid reviews for a comeback album.","url":"/2020/video/whitney-houstons-big-comeback-15741621","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}