Woman Recalls Killing Boyfriend with Stiletto

Act 1: Ana Trujillo said her boyfriend attacked her the night she beat him to death with her shoe.
8:35 | 04/11/14

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Transcript for Woman Recalls Killing Boyfriend with Stiletto
The sensational case in the national spotlight for one reason alone, the murder weapon. A stiletto heel. And the who used it is talking only to ABC news. And details the jury never got hear. Was she dressed to kill? Her heel is being held here and testimony is going on. Houston has some crazy, crazy crime. And this is one of the craziest things that I think a lot of us have ever seen. Reporter: In a town infamous for its crimes of passion, the proceedings in a Houston courtroom this week may have set a new standard for strangeness. When you hear of someone dying, especially a brutal death, it -- they're being shot, they're stabbed. But no one ever thinks there's gonna be a stiletto heel in the middle of it, right? Reporter: Yes, whoever heard of assault by deadly footwear? The crime scene -- a ritzy condo in this high-end high-rise. And the accused -- a petite, soft-spoken mom looking at life in prison. Telling her story exclusively to "20/20." It's very surreal. It feels like it happened to someone else, and I'm just watching it. Reporter: Born in Mexico, Ana Trujillo came to America with dreams of makg it big. Married twice, the mother of two young girls. She was a striking, vibrant young woman who was once the host of a community access show. And called herself Anna fox. The producer said I had a bubbly personality. Reporter: Is that who you are? That TV host with that bubbly personality? Yes, I am actually. Yes, I am actually. I am usually very optimistic. I love life. I love friends. Reporter: She was beautiful and she turned heads. But those big dreams jumped the track as she landed on the hard side of town. Jim Carroll, met her at the lawndale hotel where they both once lived. What was she like? She laughed a lot. I mean, she was really cool. She'd just talk about spirituality and the pyramids and ghosts and the tarot. Reporter: She was a drifter, floating from job to job. Wishing for the right things, attracted to the wrong people. She brought several men to the hotel. And finally I started talking to her, I says, "Look, you know, we can't have none of that business going on here. Reporter: And how many men would you estimate this was? Four to six men. One of them was the professor. Reporter: His name, Stefan Andersson. A naturalized citizen from Sweden, who worked at the university of Houston as a medical researcher. Tell me about him. Well he was very charming. He had a beautiful, young spirit. He was a professor and I really -- that is really what attracted me. Reporter: How did he treat you in the beginning? Oh, he was wonderful. Reporter: In the beginning, it was all so carefree. Here at the local taco shop, bodegas, they were regulars. And his friend Adam Benjamin remembers the early days of their romance. You can see Stephan right there. Reporter: So what was Stephan's taste in women? Stephan liked attractive women. You know, heels with nice legs. But he didn't have girlfriends or anything like that. Reporter: Why do you think he felt so connected to Ana? She was a bad girl. Opposites attract. Reporter: Within weeks, she'd moved on up to his deluxe apartment in the sky. You wanted to marry him. Yes. Reporter: He wanted to marry you. Yes. Reporter: It wasn't all about love. It was also about sex. What did he want you to do? He had a shoe fetish. He will like for me to, uh, kind of step on him -- Reporter: Step on him. Well, walk on him. He liked a little bit of pain. Reporter: But just months after they met, that happily ever after began to wear thin. His drinking started concerning me. I didn't know what it was to be with, I say, an alcoholic. He drank a lot. He didn't seem to be an angry drunk. He seemed like a troubled and gentle soul. A "Troubled soul" who, according to Ana, had a hidden dark side. He was super sweet, and nice, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, he would just turn into this other person. He would start accusing me of things. Reporter: Like what? Why did you leave me? How come you didn't take me with you? Reporter: What would you do, when he did this? I would not provoke him. I would just be quiet. Reporter: Did other people know about this side of him? Did other friends see him like this? He hid it really well. Reporter: It was a hot summer night last June, when Ana and Stefan go out for a night at club 5015. They share a bottle of wine chased by a few shots of tequila -- in this case, a combustible mix. That place, has live music on the weekends -- and it gets really crowded and it's a different crowd and it's nice and, he liked it. He was feeling really good and he was enjoying himself. Reporter: Ana is dressed to kill in her five and a half inch blue velvet stilettos. Reporter: It made you happy to buy a stiletto that he liked. I had to be very careful because the shoes were so high. Reporter: Surveillance videos at the restaurant paint a portrait of a good time girl. Take a look. She flirts with a stranger at the bar. Then, a sexy chair dance. At first, she and Stefan seem to be having a great night out. But by the time she is ready to leave, he is not. I was going to leave early in the morning to go see my daughter. I wanted to leave and not stay out very long and he kept wanting to stay longer. Reporter: That decision to go home is the spark, she says, that will ignite a firestorm. Still, the last images captured that night show Stefan, calm, as he leaves the bar with Ana. Was he wasted by the time you got to the cab? Yeah. Reporter: As the cab pulls up, rosemary Gomez was at the wheel, accompanied by her husband. I was just taking a fare like I normally do. Reporter: As the couple approaches the cab, Reagan cannon said Ana was loud and abusive. In her version, he's getting aggressive. I just remember him looking at me and looking at me angry. Reporter: Angry, from Ana's point of view, but not from the front seat where Reagan cannon has some advice for the shy professor. I said, "Are you a man or a mouse?" I said, "What are you doin' letting her talk to you like that? Reporter: It is past two in the morning when the taxi drops them off at Dr. Andersson's pad. Look at these photos. Coming home from the bar, walking calmly to the elevator. Ana claims he was on the verge of a murderous rage. All of a sudden, he just turns around and has a complete different look on him. Angry. Reporter: As the couple sets foot inside the apartment, her life was about to change irreversibly, and his is about to end. And he starts to pull me. I still have my shoes on. So, he grabs me by my hands, he bangs me against the wall. He kept saying that I was going to leave him, I wasn't coming back. He's screaming and yelling and ranting and just -- like, "I saw the way you were looking at those guys. When he threw me over the couch, I fell completely backwards, and my head hit, I saw black. Reporter: Did you feel like your life was in danger at that point? Yes. Reporter: In the darkness, she reaches for the only weapon she could find -- one of those blue stilettos. And starts striking. When I reach down to feel him and you feel blood in your hands, that is a horror of someone you love. And that -- that I did it. Accidentally I did it. I didn't even know that he was bleeding. He wouldn't stop. And it doesn't seem like nothing

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{"id":23299050,"title":"Woman Recalls Killing Boyfriend with Stiletto","duration":"8:35","description":"Act 1: Ana Trujillo said her boyfriend attacked her the night she beat him to death with her shoe.","section":"2020","mediaType":"Default"}