Pat Summitt, Son Take Care of Each Other

Legendary women's college basketball coach battles dementia with son by her side
3:00 | 11/02/11

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Had you known about a -- history before you were diagnosed. No but afterwards. It was loud and clear. It's obviously in our family we have a history. And that's when I thought that I gotta get busy. To think that that's common and families that they don't. Have a talk about it. I was surprised -- -- saw the family history. You know no one had ever told me and -- was four different people in our family. History. That had to manage and you -- and only OK. Tyler. What goes through your mind knowing that this runs in -- Well if if I ever have dementia and exactly how to get there it announced that it had to imitate what -- -- did. Do you find yourself taking the role of protector program we've always kind of taking care of each other we. -- -- -- -- We take care of each other and so there's been times I mean this past week where she's taking care -- so it's not just. I'm protecting her we protect each and it's not just me she has the most incredible also the best support staff. In the country. Personal assistant secretary. The best friends in the world. And so I think. We're really blessed to have everybody and our circle.

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{"id":14866592,"title":"Pat Summitt, Son Take Care of Each Other","duration":"3:00","description":"Legendary women's college basketball coach battles dementia with son by her side","url":"/2020/video/womens-college-basketball-coach-pat-summitt-son-care-14866592","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}