The Year: On the Red Carpet

Part 8 of Katie Couric's special looking back at 2011.
7:01 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for The Year: On the Red Carpet
-- -- -- When it's good bashing can inspire but when it's bad. Well let's just say don't wanna end up on that list from best dressed to worst with a nod to that over the top English what you -- -- Aaliyah the -- and -- We now pay tribute to the fashion -- 2011. How much impact could just one dress -- Plenty in the space of time it took her to walk down the aisle must file icon with more. A commoner Kate became Catherine duchess of Cambridge. -- will -- -- Kate Middleton wedding dress that debt it was a huge moment and it will remain -- fashion history I'll. With -- was absolutely spectacular. She was spectacular work what a great moment -- Burton. Excellent that was addressed the -- Absolutely a huge moment in fashion that was almost eclipsed by another star making turn -- kept track telling. That dress. Was amazing it would be a miracle to -- -- case that my goodness if McCain plays very place they stressed Wilson -- sexy that it. To every. Very tantalizing tease of toxins from the nape of the neck. -- says the world famous area. -- -- royal accent became the object of global fascination. How did -- get it how could you get it. Sales of -- -- soared. But it was still her sister Katherine who made her way home from the best dressed lists she's just got this knack for. Hopefully I'm really classic look -- Drowning and a modern west. She even made the -- a British fashion traditions that fascinate -- -- -- -- -- As -- consent which is not surpass. And it's not really. Headband it's a cross between the two it's an accessory often adorned with fences scene -- seeds of hate with this beautiful glossy -- That would cost one in and it looked great since she really put them on the map. Almost taking them off the map princesses Beatrice and -- -- Those were -- princesses. They're very pretty girls I was mystified. The hats. No one can decide whether it looked like an octopus -- whether you like had been seized the -- -- offensive to exit the house became so -- it even had its own FaceBook page. Steven Farris and a mother was so upset that they decided that they would hire someone to help address the future patients. You look at what extend tax incentives that they did incredibly excited about today's -- -- Meanwhile he could do no wrong there's a -- fervor and eagerness to replicate ourselves. That. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the effect was everywhere this 340. Dollar off Iraqi dress but -- -- Michelle Obama immediately sold out. She wears that it disappears off Iraq instantaneously. Suddenly it's a rare item. After he was seen anything healthy and it pumps there was so much demand for the new patent shoes the company's web site crashed. From dress codes that clutches and sheer stockings. Kate Middleton fashion choices made an impact. 5000 miles away in Hollywood there was another conflict without Gossip Girl. 24 year old Blake lively who also -- has this year by pounding her own fashion and. Things. Didn't most interesting things about her is she doesn't have a site -- She's putting looks together from that yeah designer gowns to the issues the jewels. Karen me a couple of kind of unheard of in the Hollywood well yeah. And in a world where every announces notice Jennifer Hudson stood out from -- -- -- weight loss. From a size sixteen to a size six when women lose a lot of -- it doesn't. Into the best style choices. But Jennifer Hudson has gotten a fly ball -- woken her in her fashion stuff this. Some -- London -- while Jennifer Hudson is relatively new to the best dressed list. Our friend Jennifer Aniston is a regular. How -- did you -- and went 318. It is impossible. They think that's the warning reporting given how phenomenal -- -- particularly on the red carpet for latest accessory live in boyfriend. -- -- -- -- -- We have seen Jennifer Aniston's -- all lately she has definitely kind of war into her boyfriend Justin Rose -- We're seeing here is kind of play clunky biker boots and motorcycle jacket and I think they're just picking up a little bit of tape stock -- From Sunset Boulevard -- Pennsylvania Avenue bringing forward for the capital the First Lady had several movie star moments of her own this year. Including this one act (%expletive) hand palace I loved the white -- -- -- -- -- for that state dinner for Queen Elizabeth in principle to she's not afraid to won't show skin and she has an incredible war she takes chances and I think it's a wonderful message the -- of women everywhere. In her short silver -- midriff bearing down Jennifer Lopez sent a different kind of message. Especially at this year's American music awards. Given. -- day she certainly didn't disappoint. She was full -- so. The 42 year old mother of three year old twins -- -- provocative dance -- shimmering body -- with her new 24 year old -- point. Along side. It's a form of acting. And Bonnie Jones criticized her character I just -- that when she gets off the stage you know that comes off. The. He did come off as something just off -- -- Jennifer Lopez and Catherine Middleton may seem like polar opposites. But they do you have something in common they both helped make 2011. Passionately memorable year -- -- -- need only beat the duchess of Cambridge this year. Queen of style cheese stakes to watch today's news and that's actually seven and plastic. And -- deep. -- -- I salute if anything though the designers and manufacturers have to figure out of balance which is going to be wearing what she's going to be watching from Iraq and make millions of them.

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{"id":15167560,"title":"The Year: On the Red Carpet","duration":"7:01","description":"Part 8 of Katie Couric's special looking back at 2011.","url":"/2020/video/year-red-carpet-buzz-fashion-katie-couric-this-year-2011-special-entertainment-2020-15167560","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}