Would You Drink Tobacco Flavored Vodka?

It was curios that there were two flavors- tobacco and tobacco menthol, as smokers often consider metholers second class citizens. For Elward, this was all about getting the right reaction. "A lot of hispanics smoke menthol cigarettes he said."And African Americans most of them, like 75% smoke menthols." Elward based his calculations on hearsay and personal observations, but the stats do correlate. For numerous reasons young African Americans and Hispanic smokers do tend to opt for menthol tobacco products.

"I never stop thinking about new flavors," Elward said. "The next I make might be a Tobacco Whisky or a Cuban Tobacco... partly because there's a big Spanish and Cuban population who drink and smoke."

Then Elward trotted out his catchphrase. "The only thing you'll get addicted to is the taste."

That's probably a matter of opinion, but if you're going to drink vodka and like the taste of tobacco, nicotine free Ivanabitch might be the way to go.

Note: The bottles shown in the image are press samples. The full-size bottles are made from glass.

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