Monarch Butterflies Travel Across America's Borders Without Visas

But the trade-off between protection of the environment and economic necessities is an everyday struggle.

Roman Velázquez a representative of the indigenous community of Carpinteros, which is located near the butterfly sanctuary, says there is a need for eco-friendly businesses in the area.

"Here in Carpinteros people mostly grow avocados, it's a region where 50 percent of the income comes from the avocado. We don't want to fumigate, to cut down the trees, we know we have a great treasure within our forests, because of the monarch butterfly," Velázquez told ABC/Univision during the film's Mexico City premiere in October. "But we don't have any alternative resources. So we need the government to help generate other ways to earn a living".

Adam González, from the nearby El Rosario community says that his neighbors have begun to explore with Ecotourism.

"We built 6 cabins so we can receive tourists. But we ran out of resources and they do not even have furniture yet. We need to build many more cabins and have air conditioning and catering services so that tourists will be pleased by their visit and come back the next year as the monarch comes back every year", González said.

Gloria Tavera, head of the Monarch Butterfly Reserve, acknowledges the efforts made by local populations and is well aware of the needs that still have to be filled in Mexico with local communities, but she says that preservation work also needs to be undertaken in the U.S. and Canada.

"The Monarch confronts too many hazards in its journey throughout the continent, from fertilizers in Texas fields to changes in the use of the land and extreme drought due to climate change," Tavera said.

"We need to show this film to our kids, to our youth and to our families so that they can feel the pride of hosting such valuable guests."

Flight of the Butterflies is showing in 3D theaters across the U.S. Click here for more info.

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