We're Fusin' With 'East WillyB'

PHOTO: Willie, Jr. (Flaco Navaja) sings in the streets of Bushwick. Like ya do.PlayFusion
WATCH Getting to know 'East WillyB'

We kicked off our Fusin' (el oh el!) series with the cast and crew of one of our very favorite web series, East WillyB.

We spoke with the show's creators and stars -- Julia Grob, Flaco Navaja and Yamin Segal -- about everything from the show's awesome one-liners and catch-phrases (we told them we're expecting a line of t-shirts fairly soon) to how rare it is to see ourselves* (*cool people) on TV.

Check out part 1 of our video and make sure to catch up on the newest season of East WillyB.