In New Action Film 'End of Watch,' Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña Take You on a Thrilling Ride

Jake, you're an honorary Latino now. You do the Mexican zapateo dance in the film and I saw you at the ALMA Awards red carpet. You held your own!

JG: Am I an honorary Latino? Wait, no. Really? Are you just saying that? Cause I take that very seriously, so don't just throw that out there.

I declare you, as of this moment, an honorary Latino.

JG: Can you do that?

Of course I can. I can do anything I want!

JG: Ok. Wow, thank you…

How does it feel to be embraced by the community?

JG: It's really amazing. I've now had the opportunity to work with some incredibly talented Latino actors and be completely immersed in the culture at times. It was an honor to even be let into the world, you know. We used to joke on set, 'I bet you get to present at the ALMA Awards after you do this movie' and then I did! So I have to say it was a real honor for me and to be with him there at the ALMA's, with him not being embarrassed to be seen with me.

MP: Not at all! He's such a good buddy and such a good person at heart that I'm glad he came. He fully embraced it, too. There are some things you do because you're an actor, but he was genuinely into it, asking questions. He was really interested.

The real test will be if you can party with us! We'll see, let's have you work on that.

JG: Alright, alright. That's true, by the way.

MP: Yeah, me and all my Latino friends, we party, like party.

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