Rosie Rivera to Oversee Jenni Rivera's Finances

PHOTO: Rosie Rivera, their mother, and Jenni Rivera at the 27th Annual Imagen AwardsJenni Rivera/Facebook
Rosie Rivera, their mother, and Jenni Rivera at the 27th Annual Imagen Awards

Mexican-American banda singer Jenni Rivera, who was laid to rest last week following the fatal plane crash that killed her and six others, has left her considerable fortune -- estimated at 25 million dollars -- to her five children.

In addition, a handwritten note left by the late singer named her younger sister, Rosie, in charge of managing Rivera's finances as the CEO of Jenni Enterprises should anything happen to her. Rosie's new title puts her in change of not only the late performer's finances, but also of her brand and of continued sales of her music and merchandise.

In addition, the letter grants Rosie, 31, responsibility over the children Jenni left behind: Janney "Chiquis" Marín Rivera, Jacqueline Marín Rivera, Michael Marín Rivera, Jenicka Lopez Rivera, and Johnny Lopez Rivera.

According to one of Jenni's brothers, Pedro Rivera, Jr., the singer had "prepared a letter about a month and a half ago, and Rosie has that letter." Jenni "always had advisers who helped her work and to make things right," he adds.

The "Jenni Rivera Official" Facebook page notes, in an announcement addressed to Rivera's fans, that, in an effort to keep readers abreast of what's to come, "we are now in charge of her [online] accounts." The note concludes by thanking the singer's fans for "making of my sister una gran señora [a great woman]."