Mija: Someone Who Is Annoying the Crap Out of You

No, la Mija (pronounced mee-hah) isnt trying to burn down the house, just her New York City subway Metrocards. She wont need those in her new (old) home, Miami.PlayElise Roedenbeck/ Fusion
WATCH Mija Lands in Miami to Join Fusion

I thought I had escaped Miami. After nearly a decade away from my hometown, I've given up my posh Manhattan lifestyle to join the new network Fusion. I have a new job and I've moved back in with my mother because adulthood, it's not all bad.

I'm getting used to driving again. Sadly, I can't afford a personal driver -- unless you count the days mom drops me off at work cause she needs the car. The whole idea of actually going to a "supermarket" and buying "food" is somewhat of an enigma to me (what do you mean Publix doesn't deliver?)

I don't think I've folded my own laundry in four years and I can't bring myself to wear white jeans. However, it's all worth it as I will be reporting (making fun of) the news and showing you a behind the scene glimpse at Fusion -- all while being haunted by the ghost of my past (high school ex-boyfriends).

It's the MiJA you know and love in a brand new old town getting into trouble (admittedly, it's harder to get into trouble now that I'm of legal drinking age, but gosh darnit, I will find some trouble!).